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Before ‘Kara Mia,’ there were 21 other weird characters on local TV

  • Before there was Kara Mia, there were many other weird characters that came to life on our local television screens before
  • LionhearTV lists down the Top 21 weirdest characters from local television

GMA Network’s fantasy series ‘Kara Mia’ is currently making waves, after its debut last February 18, 2019 on the network’s Telebabad line up replacing Cain at Abel. Originally entitled Ang Dalawang Mukha ni Guadalupe, it stars Barbie Forteza and Mika Dela Cruz as the titular characters, having two faces sharing one body: Kara in the front and Mia at the back. The series also features Jak Roberto, Paul Salas, Carmina Villaroel, John Estrada, Glydel Mercado, and Gina Pareño in supporting roles, and is directed by Dominic Zapata (who gave us other GMA series like My Husband’s Lover, Alyas Robinhood, Mulawin vs Ravena, and Victor Magtanggol). The series is a favorite topic right now on social media, as netizens turned many of its scenes to hilarious memes. One of the main reasons is the amusement over the character’s weird look, prompting people to make fun of it.

But before there was Kara Mia, there were many other weird characters that came to life on our local television screens before. LionhearTV lists down the Top 21 weirdest characters that graced local television.

21. Mulawin (from the GMA TV series Mulawin)

The original Mulawin series starred up-and-coming GMA stars Richard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin, and Dennis Trillo. The show debuted on August 2, 2004 on the network’s Telebabad line up, ending on March 18, 2005 with a total of 166 episodes that followed the adventures of winged creatures called “Mulawin.” It was the network’s answer to ABS-CBN’s Marina, which became the biggest fantasy series on local television that time. Mulawin became one of GMA Network’s most successful shows and even spawned a spin-off, Encantadia in 2005.

20. Eliana (from the GMA TV show Kakambal ni Eliana)

This fantasy drama from GMA starred Kim Rodriguez as Eliana, a girl who was born with a black snake attached to her back. The reptile wraps itself around her hand every time she experiences extreme emotions like sadness or anger. The series also featured Kristofer Martin, Jean Garcia, Jomari Yllana, Chynna Ortaleza, and Enzo Pineda.

19. Dwarfina (from the GMA TV show Dwarfina)

Heart Evangelista stars in this short-lived 2011 romance fantasy drama from GMA as ‘Dwarfina.’ The series also starred Dennis Trillo, Angelika Dela Cruz, Pauleen Luna, Iwa Moto, Will Devaughn, and Janice de Belen. It aired on January 10, 2011 on the network’s Telebabad line up and concluded on May 6, 2011 with a total of 83 episodes.

18. Pyra (from the GMA TV show Pyra: Ang Babaeng Apoy)

Thea Tolentino stars as Pyra Lucente / Pyra del Fierro-Calida in this 2013 fantasy drama from GMA. The series also starred Jeric Gonzales, Elle Ramirez, Angelu de Leon, Gladys Reyes, Ryan Eigenmann, Roxanne Guinoo, and Polo Ravales. It aired from August 26, 2013 on the network’s afternoon prime line up and concluded on November 29, 2013.

17. Dyosa Tierra (from the ABS-CBN TV series Dyosa)

ABS-CBN’s high fantasy series ‘Dyosa’ starred Anne Curtis, Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo, and Luis Manzano. Anne portrayed  Josephine, a woman who discovers that she is a goddess (hence the title). She has the ability to transform to three different forms: Dyosa Agua (a Mermaid),  Dyosa Cielo (a Harpy), but our favorite was Dyosa Tierra (a Centaur). Imagine watching Anne Curtis with the body of a horse on primetime TV! Plus, you get to see Vice Ganda as a talking mirror. Yeah, those were the days.

16. Kokak/ Kara (from the GMA TV show Kokak)

Based on a comics serial of the same title created by Ruben Marcelino and published in Darna Komiks, this 2011 fantasy drama starred Sarah Lahbati in the title role. It also starred TJ Trinidad, JC Tiuseco, Vaness del Moral, Gary Estrada, Jessa Zaragoza, and Caridad Sanchez; airing from November 14, 2011 to March 2, 2012.

15. Badinger Z (from the ABS-CBN TV series Krystala)

Krystala was one of the most unforgettable series from ABS-CBN as it was the Philippines’ first superhero series on primetime television. The superhero series starred Judy Ann Santos in the title role and featured a plethora of weird supervillains. But the most unforgettable one would be Terracotta a.k.a. Badinger Z. Played by Michael Flores, he was a homosexual villain who has the ability to multiply, to scream really loud, and to shoot lasers with his magical red stone (in a form of a ring).  Yas kween!

14. Banak and Nakba (from the GMA TV series Encantadia)

The original Encantadia (the one back in 2005, to be exact) will remain as one of Pinoy television’s most unforgettable fantasy series. Created by Suzette Doctolero, it was directed by Mark A. Reyes and featured some of the biggest names from GMA Netwrok, led by Sunshine Dizon, Iza Calzado, Karylle, Diana Zubiri, Dingdong Dantes, and Jennylyn Mercado.The show introduced some memorable creatures, and two of our favorites would be Banak and Nakba. They were Adamyans whose faces are never shown because they cover their heads with barrel-shaped helmets and mostly accompany the Imaw around the kingdom.

13. Alakdana (from the GMA TV show Alakdana)

Before there was Aldub, there was Louden. Louise delos Reyes and Alden Richards topbilled this 2011 fantasy drama from GMA, together with Paulo Avelino (before he transferred to ABS-CBN). Here, Louise plays Adana, a girl born with an extremely rare feature on her body: a scorpion tail. Despite her dark secret, Adana seeks to have a normal life but whenever danger threatens, her tail is ready to strike and stun its enemies.

12. Felina (from the TV5 drama Felina: Prinsesa ng mga Pusa)

Before Arci Munoz became a Kapamilya talent, she was first launched as a TV5 talent. ‘Felina: Prinsesa ng mga Pusa’ featured Arci in her first lead role. Aired on February 27, 2012, it followed Felina, a girl who was born with a curse since she had the appearance of a cat.

11. Galema (from the ABS-CBN TV series Galema: Anak ni Zuma)

Millennials may not be familiar with the character of Zuma (well, not me since I was able to watch the 1985 movie). He was a monster who has a body of a man, but has two giant snakes protruding from his shoulders. He preys on virgin women by ripping their clothes off and eating their hearts. His character is reintroduced to the new generation with ABS-CBN’s adaptation of Jim Fernandez’s Galema: Anak ni Zuma. The series featured Andi Eigenmann in the lead role. And just like his father, Galema also had two snakes protruding from her back and hiding under her hair. Her show was a hit, and the series ended with a total of 130 episodes.

10. Agua (from the ABS-CBN TV series Agua Bendita)

Agua Bendita, ABS-CBN’s fantasy-drama television series, based on the Liwayway comic book series of the same name, created by Rod Santiago ,was the show that launched Andi Eigenmann to stardom. The show premiered on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida from February 8 to September 3, 2010 replacing May Bukas Pa, with a total of 147 episodes. Originally played by Shaina Magdayao in the anthology show Komiks, ABS-CBN launched it as one of ABS-CBN’s offerings for the 60th Celebration of Filipino Soap Operas. It featured an ensemble cast consisting of Vina Morales, John Estrada, Pilar Pilapil, Alessandra De Rossi, Dimples Romana, Carlos Agassi, Pen Medina, Malou Crisologo, Jason Gainza, Malou de Guzman, Bing Loyzaga, Zaijan Jaranilla, and Zoren Legaspi. Who can forget the character of Agua, a girl who was born in water form? The series followed the lives of Agua and her twin sister Bendita (the normal but meanhearted one) and the obstacles that they’ve faced.

9. Vergel / Kamandag (from the GMA TV show Kamandag)

Richard Gutierrez stars in this action fantasy series based on the graphic novel by Carlo J. Caparas. The series was one of GMA’s successful shows during its time. It ran from November 19, 2007 to April 25, 2008 with a total of 113 episodes. It also featured an all-star cast with Mark Anthony Fernandez, Jewel Mische, Maxene Magalona, Ehra Madrigal, Eula Valdez, Johnny Delgado, Zoren Legaspi, Ariel Rivera, Ronaldo Valdez , Francine Prieto, and Rainier Castillo.

8. Gambino and his Giant Spider (from the GMA TV show Gagambino)

Based on Carlo J. Caparas’ graphic novel of the same title, this series starred Dennis Trillo as Gambino “Bino” Bayani, who goes along with his giant spider as they fight evil forces.

7. Alka (from the ABS-CBN TV show Rosalka)

Remember when Empress Schuck played an ugly hunchback back in 2010? Who can forget ‘Rosalka’, the afternoon horror fantasy drama which followed Rosa (Empress Schuck) who was carrying a monster inside her back that detaches itself every full moon, and which transforms Rosa into a beautiful lady. The series which also starred Felix Roco and Matt Evans was a success back then, airing from May 17 to October 22, 2010 with a total of 115 episodes.

6. DJ Lav (from the ABS-CBN TV series Moon of Desire)

Meg Imperial stars as Ayla “DJ Lav” Ricafrente-Bustamante in the 2014 afternoon series ‘Moon of Desire.’ In the series, Ayla is covered in hair from head to toe due to a medical condition called Hypertrichosis. Netizens were quick in making fun of her character, often calling her as ‘Babaeng Bulbol’ in online posts and memes.

5. Mirabella (from the ABS-CBN TV series Mirabella)

Before Julia Barretto became the other half of Joshlia, Enrique Gil becoming the other half of Lizquen, and Mika Dela Cruz as the other face of Kara Mia, they first worked together in the fantasy melodrama ‘Mirabella’ back in 2014. Here, Julia plays Mirabella, a girl born with a curse as her skin looked like wood. Because of her character’s look, she was previously dubbed by netizens as Babaeng Fingerprint. Makes sense.

4. Chaka Doll (from the GMA horror anthology Kakabakaba)

Remember that living doll that terrorized your childhood? I’m sure a lot of you will never forget the name Chaka Doll, inspired by Chucky of the American horror film “Child’s Play.” She was one of the most popular characters from the GMA horror television anthology “Kakabakaba” (2000–2002). Due to her popularity, she even became part of the show’s reboot that mixed horror and comedy, “Kakabaka-boo” (2005–2006). She even had a love team of her own after she was paired with the puppet look-alike of Arnold Clavio, Arn Arn.

3. Ella and Vira (from the ABS-CBN TV show Kambal Sa Uma)

Based on the comics series from Jim Fernandez and Ernie Santiago (which was also adapted into a film back in 1979 by Joey Gosiengfiao), ABS-CBN’s 2009 fantasy drama series ‘Kambal Sa Uma’ starred Melissa Ricks, Shaina Magdayao, Matt Evans, Jason Abalos, Gina Alajar and Rio Locsin. It follows the lives of Ella (Melissa Ricks) and Vira (Shaina Magdayao), twin sisters, who have some of the physical features of a rodent: Vira has rodent hairs on her back that she keeps as a secret while Ella’s head is similar to that of a rat, with matching tail. The show was a hit during its run from April 20 to October 9, 2009. ‘Kambal sa Uma’ was a top-rating afternoon drama television series. It was also famous for its theme song, “Kung Iniibig Ka Niya” by Laarni Lozada.

2. Imaw (from the GMA TV series Encantadia)

Again, I’m talking about the 2005 original Encantadia. The first one had this sort of magic in it that made it so unique during its time. And one of the most unforgettable creatures that the show introduced back then was Imaw. He was the tribal leader of Adamya and chief adviser to the diwatas. Imaw was a cable puppet in Encantadia back in 2005, so it felt so weird watching him move or speak back then. But that was one of its biggest charms.

1. Dugong (from the ABS-CBN TV series Marina)

I guess it’s safe to say that this is the show that started it all. Philippines’ first ever fantasy series on primetime TV was ABS-CBN’s Marina, one of the network’s most successful fantasy series with a total of 188 episodes. It starred Claudine Barretto in the title role, a girl who falls victim to a curse by Victoria (Cherie Gil), a sea deity disguised as a normal woman. Seeking vengeance on Elias, who spurned her love and married Esther, Victoria cursed their daughter to become a mermaid. The only way to lift the curse was to find true love’s kiss. But the most unforgettable character from the show would be Dugong, played by stage, film and television actress Malou de Guzman. She is the most forceful sea witch who gives Victoria the supernatural powers she needed. She has full control of the whole Dagat Landia and has the ability to see the future. She can also transform herself into a giant sea snake whose body is made of water.

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