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Kim Chiu almost walked out when teased with ex Gerald Anderson on ‘It’s Showtime’

  • Try as they might, ‘It’s Showtime’ couldn’t resist teasing Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson
  • “Direk, ayaw ko na,” cried Kim Chiu, after she was playfully teased by her “It’s Showtime” co-hosts over a special guest they had in Saturday’s episode of the noontime show
  • Kim Chiu almost walked out on ‘It’s Showtime’ after getting teased because of Gerald Anderson

Chinita Princess, Kim Chiu, almost walked out on ‘It’s Showtime’ because of the teasing that didn’t stop. All because of a special guest, no other than ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson.

On one of the segments of the noon time show, ‘It’s Showtime’, is the very enjoyable BidaMan, where one of the judges was Gerald Anderson.

It was known to all that co-host Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson had a past relationship before. But for now, the two are both in different relationships. But still, these two weren’t saved from the teasing that their co-stars did.

Co-hosts Vhong Navarro, Ryan Bang, and Billy Crawford didn’t stop joking on Kim Chiu and Gerald, which made the actress a little bit irritated, and replied

Alam n’yo ang OA ninyo guys!”

But the joking didn’t stop and the actress complained to their director.

Alam ninyo, ang lala ninyo. Direk, inaaway nila ako.”

Judge Ruffa Gutierrez even joined the fans by teasing Gerald who was blushing red.

“Guys, teka muna, si Gerald pulang pula na rito, nakikita ko katabi ko siya.

The Chinita actress then walked out. Because of this fun filled episode, it gained the attention of the viewers on social media that even said that KimErald’s chemistry won’t fade.

Now, Kim Chiu is with Xian Lim, and Gerald Anderson, on the other hand, is with Bea Alonzo.


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