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Angel Locsin amazes netizens with her death-defying stunts in ‘The General’s Daughter’

  • Angel Locsin conquered her spine problems and defied death-defying stunts in ‘The General’s Daughter’
  • The actress who refused to have a stunt double often gets some injuries while filming the said series
  • Netizens expressed their amazement with the actress’s courage and dedication in doing the stunts

It seems that Angel Locsin cannot be stopped by her spine injury.

In late 2015, Angel revealed that she had a spine condition called “bulging disc injury.” This was also the reason why she decided to give up the role of Darna. She underwent a two-part surgical procedure to treat it.

Despite her condition, Angel has continued to take on stunts in her roles.

The actress stars as lieutenant Rhian Bonifacio in the ongoing ABS-CBN television series The General’s Daughter. With the action-packed nature of the show, Angel has suffered a few injuries like a black eye, scratches, and bruises. She also recently shared a photo on Instagram showing that her face bitten by a dog.

Back in March, Angel performed a stunt which had her hanging under a moving truck.

On Twitter, Dreamscape PR Eric John Salut shared behind-the-scenes photos taken while filming stunts for recent episodes of the series. Angel herself rappelled down the side of a 15-floor building.

Meanwhile, netizens were in awe of her prowess and dedication for the series and expressed their amazement on Twitter. Some added their wishes that the actress would fly as ‘Darna’ again.


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