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JuliElmo reunion possible? Fan shares Elmo Magalona’s heartbreaking response, still hopes for a collab with Julie Anne San Jose

On April 29, 2019, a Twitter thread from Charmaine Doble @charmainedoble, on what she found out about JuliElmo and the possibility of the two working again together, has sparked the interest of hopeful fans of the love team.

The thread started with, “@charmainedoble – I don’t really know kung saan ko nakuha yung lakas ng loob ko to talk to Ms. Kathleen, Ms. Pia and Elmo yesterday. Maybe, I was just too eager to finally know and to push things that my heart wanted. Yeah, well. It’s not the right time, yes. But, who said that I won’t wait?

The fan really wanted to know if there is a possibility that they will be working again, where she got the chance to ask Elmo Magalona him self

“And then, that precious time with Elmo happened. He needs to go, but he stayed. For the fans. Pinilit kong makapag-solo selfie. I’m sorry Elmonatics admin if I had to. Well, anyways. Sabi ko, “Elmo, JuliElmo Collab!” Ngumiti naman siya, pero sabi niya, “I can’t do it.

Which Elmo had a following response, according to Charmaine’s twitter thread,

“Edi umalis na ako. Parang mini-walkout. Pero, hindi dahil sa emosyon ko, because, I kind of inasahan ko na eh. Bago pa ako maka-alis, nagsalita siya ulit. “I’m really sorry. I can’t do it right now.” That was raw, honest and sincere, you guys.”

Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona had their first movie team up on the movie “Just One Summer,” way back 2012. But in the year 2013, the news has escalated that the most promising love team will be separating their ways already. Now, Elmo Magalona is under ABS CBN while, Julie Ann San Jose is under GMA Network.

On the other hand, Elmo Magalona and Julie Ann San Jose have signed under Universal Records. When Julie Ann San Jose was asked on an interview, on collaborating with Elmo, she humbly answered,

“Yeah, why not? I think it’s been a while since the last time na nagkita kami ni Elmo and nagkaroon kami ng numbers together.”

Which really doesn’t sum up that the two parties has no possibility in not working again together, as the last tweet on the Twitter thread of Chairmaine Doble said,

“Baka nga hindi pa pwede. But, the doors were not entirely closed. So, are you guys waiting and staying with me?”

The doors are still not closed and we may not know that their will come a time that these two stars will work again together.


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