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Catriona Gray impresses people for her support to LGBTQIA sector on Pride Month celebration

  • Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray once again made quite a good impression on her support for the LGBTQIA’s Pride Month.
  • On her Instagram account, the Beauty Queen expressed her support to the said sector.
  • Netizens saluted her for how she handled and answered any criticism.

On the recent celebration of Pride Month, where love, freedom, and equality where celebrated, a lot of people were united and gathered to show their support for the LGBTQIA Community and one of the most loved personality who showed her support toward the advocacy in breaking the barriers for the said sector is Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray.

The support that Miss Universe 2018 have shown for the occasion was questioned by someone since the Beauty Queen is a Christian, first and foremost.

On Catriona Gray’s Instagram, her support to the LGBTQIA community was made possible through a local beer brand in order to speak at the Pride Month Celebration.

The Netizen commented on Catriona Gray’s post and the reigning Miss Universe said, “Happy PRIDE tune into @sanmiglightph facebook page to catch my #MahabahabangUsapan FB Live on all things LGBTQIA+ & Pride! I learnt soooooo much and hope in watching you will all too.”

Due to such post, Catriona’s faith was questioned by a someone who questioned her support and it goes against the values of her being a Christian.

“What happened @catriona_gray about your testimony about your Christianity? Please do not compromise.”

This comment may ruin someone’s composure but as effortless as she can, Gray replied gracefully.

“My belief as a Christian does not limit me from fighting for the rights of others. I love my God and love my fellow brothers and sisters. “

Catriona even said that religion shouldn’t be a reason to hate someone for being them.

“Religion is never an excuse to hate, put down or act indifferent to the suffering of others. I believe God is love, and I will treat everyone—no matter who they are, to the best of my ability, with love.”

Which truly garnered a lot of supporters in agreeing with our Miss Universe.


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