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Netizens poke fun at ‘Sahaya’s’ epic fail scene

  • An “epic fail” scene from Sahaya caught the attention of the netizens
  • In the captured photo of the scene, netizens poked fun about the wrong use of a medical tube
  • GMA Network teleseryes have already committed several “epic fail” scenes in the past

On July 5, Friday, a netizen with the handle @Simply_Clinton aired his frustration on Twitter about the “epic fail” scene in the GMA Network’s series Sahaya.

He posted a picture of the scene and wrote in the caption: “Josko GMA ano na naman ito? Sinisipsip lang oxygen mula sa ventilator? Hahahahahahahaha utang na loob. Di na kayo nadala?

The captured scene featured the hospitalized character of Mylene Dizon who plays Manisan Arati, the mother of Sahaya. She fell into a coma after being hit by a truck.

The noticeable thing in the picture was the odd use of the ventilator tube, wherein Mylene is seemingly sipping the ventilator tube like a straw.

A ventilator, also known as a respirator or breathing machine, is a medical device that provides a patient with oxygen when they are unable to breathe on their own.

One end of the tube is inserted into the windpipe through the nose or mouth while the other end is attached to the ventilator.

It was also evident in the picture that the tube is not held in place by tape or with an endotracheal tube holder making the scene a far cry from the real scenario.

Netizens poked fun on this “epic fail” scene and made hilarious comments on the post.

GMA Network teleseryes have already committed several bloopers in the past. Here are some of them which became viral on social media.

A ‘washing machine’ ventilator tube

In the finale episode of Kambal Karibal aired on August 3, 2018, the character of Pauline Mendoza (who inhabited the body of Kyline Alcantara) was dying and she was hooked up to a mechanical ventilator to help her breathe. However, a netizen with a username @Jasfher posted a screenshot of the scene noticing that the ventilator tube resembled that of a washing machine and asked: “Bakit siya nakakabit sa washing machine?”

CPR Dance

An actress playing a nurse was doing CPR on the character of Christopher de Leon in the series Kambal Karibal. The scene that was supposed to bring dramatic chills to the viewers created a laughs instead when the “nurse” executed it incorrectly. It seemed like she was doing a dance and not reviving her patient.

Ghost with flip-flops

There was a scene in Kambal Karibal wherein the ghost of Crisel was standing beside four characters who were dining. It can be noticed that the ghost has human feet clad in flip-flops due to bad editing.

Epic Gun

In the scene showing a heated argument between the characters of Marvin Agustin, Carmina Villaroel, Bianca Umali, and Kyline Alcantara, the latter managed to grab hold a gun.

Without looking closely, one cannot notice that Kyline has really no intention to fire the gun because of how she positioned her finger on the trigger.

Unattached Medical tube

In an episode of Karelasyon in 2017, Pen Medina’s character named Greg suffered a heart attack. His condition worsened after a while and he needed a medical tube to help him breathe. The medical tube, however, was not attached to anything which made the scene ridiculous. Some netizens hilariously joked that the tube might be powered by “Bluetooth” or “wifi”.

Drowning scene

A netizen posted a photo of two female characters who appeared to be at the beach in a scene of Onanay in 2018. One female was wearing a life vest and seemed to be lying unconscious while the other looked so worried. The netizen wrote in the caption: “yung nalunod ka pero may life jacket naman..”


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