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#JusticeForIndak: ‘Indak’ movie is pulled out from cinemas; ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ continues to attract moviegoers

  • Nadine Lustre’s fans aired their sentiments on social media, addressing the sudden pull out of Indak from cinemas nationwide
  • Almost a week after its premiere, Indak is having a hard time following Hello, Love, Goodbye at the box-office
  • Fans and supporters are crying for justice and asked Viva Films and cinemas to bring back Indak

Fans and supporters are crying for justice as Nadine Lustre and Sam Concepcion’s dance musical film Indak becomes the latest victim of low attendance in the local movies this year replacing Family History.

The movie which premiered last August 7 only has a few cinemas screening it. The film was even pulled out from some cinemas in the country. That is why other people who want to watch the movie have no choice but to travel to cinemas where it is still showing.

Because of what happened, netizens aired their sentiments on Twitter. Furthermore, the #JusticeForIndak became a trending topic on the aforementioned social media platform.

Some netizens can’t help but blame the blockbuster movie Hello, Love, Goodbye that is on its second week for the sad outcome at the box-office of Indak. This even led to a mild commotion between fandoms. In defense, KathNiel and KathDen fans asked the supporters of Nadine and Indak to stop shading HLG and instead promote the movie and try to pull out some money to support the movie.

According to a netizen, only 34 cinemas are showing Indak.

The netizen posted, Can’t find INDAK in cinemas near me now need to change plan huhu. I checked GMOVIES and found only 34 Cinemas nationwide are screening for them. No one to blame but their management’s plan on timing & consistent neglect of promotion. Jadine must leave them imm!! #JusticeForIndak

This is incredibly low compared to Hello, Love, Goodbye starring Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo that is screening in over 350 cinemas nationwide.

Here are other tweets:

Some also blamed Viva Films for their lack of support and negligence in promoting Indak. Additionally, Indak was pitted against Hello, Love, Goodbye which had a lot of promotions even before the came out.

Moreover, fans are hoping that their pleas will be heard and more cinemas will show Indak for them to be able to watch the film. Others want the movie on Netflix so more people will have access to it.

Kathryn and Alden’s movie premiered on July 31, which is payday for most employees and workers. It only means that they have the means to watch HLG. Indak premiered on August 7, when most have already put their money into their weekly budgets for the necessities of the family.

Until now, the hype of the film Hello, Love, Goodbye is still on a high. With all the positive and excellent ratings and reviews and the effective promotion of fans, no wonder the movie is a success. There were also block screenings that their fans shouldered just to support the movie.

For now, fans can only hope the tide turns on Indak and it finds it audience.


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