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‘Encounter’ remains as top Koreanovela in PH according to NUTAM

  • ‘Encounter’ reigns as the number one Koreanovela in the country
  • ‘The Ruler of the Mask’ finale episodes did not fare well in NUTAM People Ratings

ABS-CBN’s romantic drama Encounter remained as the number one Koreanovela as NUTAM People Ratings reported that it gained more viewers than the historical drama of GMA Network Ruler of the Mask.

In Encounter’s heart captivating episodes highlights, Jin Hyuk (Marco in the ABS-CBN dub) and Soo Hyun (Pauline in the ABS-CBN dub) spent a magical night together on New Year’s Day. However, they became the target of gossip once again after making the headlines. Aware of how Taegyeong will react, Soo Hyun decided to take them head on. However, both Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun soon realized that they are about to face a big storm. Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk reunited after a month passes. Jin Hyuk’s reputation within the office went up and Soo Hyun felt proud of him. But she was soon faced with an imminent crisis when Jin Chul executed his plan to bring Soo Hyun down.

In its finale week, Ruler of the Mask thrilled viewers when Dae Mok tried to incite a riot in the palace. The King is surprised when Woo Jae offered his assistance. In the series finale, Ga Eun made a decision that she thinks is for the best. Lee Seon then made a terrible realization.

Here are the comparative ratings of Encounter versus Ruler of the Mask for August 26 to 30 according to NUTAM People Ratings.

On Monday, August 26, Encounter achieved a score of 5.9% while Ruler of the Mask got a low score of 3.7%.

On Tuesday, August 27, Encounter recorded a depreciated score of 5.6% but still won against Ruler of the Mask which was only increased to 4.0%.

On Wednesday, August 28, Encounter climbed to its highest peak having 6.0% and left  Ruler of the Mask behind which only got 4.6%.

On Thursday, August 29, Encounter hit the low score of 5.1% but still successful against the finale episode of the Ruler of the Mask which was stuck at 4.6%.

On Friday, August 30, Encounter was defeated after reaching its lowest point of 5.0% while Bubble Gang won having 5.2% with only .2 difference.

NUTAM People Ratings:

Monday (August 26) Ruler of the Mask 3.7% vs. Encounter 5.9%
Tuesday (August 27) Ruler of the Mask 4.0% vs. Encounter 5.6%
Wednesday (August 28) Ruler of the Mask 4.6% vs. Encounter 6.0%
Thursday (August 29) Ruler of the Mask Finale 4.6% vs. Encounter 5.1%
Friday (August 30) Bubble Gang 5.2% vs. Encounter 5.0%


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