Bayside band releases new album ‘Interrobang’; Out now under Hopeless Records

Bayside has unleashed ‘Interrobang’ in full. The band’s heaviest record to date, ‘Interrobang’ is a riff-heavy collection of songs that includes latest singles “Numb”, “Bury Me”, “Interrobang”, and “Prayers”. ‘Interrobang’ is out now via Hopeless Records.

October 7, 2019 – After giving fans just two weeks to prepare, renowned punk act Bayside has unleashed ‘Interrobang’ in full. The band’s heaviest record to date, ‘Interrobang’ is a riff-heavy collection of songs that includes latest singles “Numb,” “Bury Me,” “Interrobang,” and “Prayers.” ‘Interrobang’ is out now via Hopeless Records.

Fans can purchase a physical copy of the album and merch bundles, as well as stream it online

For the past 20 years, the Queens-based, Bayside has represented a lifestyle, a counterculture, and a deeply held conviction, diverse in thought and background but united by a shared desire for authentic expression. At their core, Bayside is a band that has constantly proved that music is not about gimmicks and ephemeral trends, but a timeless reflection of our lives and our times. It is through this timelessness and consistency that they continue to cultivate a cult-following that lives and breathes everything the band creates.

‘Interrobang’ is a punctuation mark that combines an exclamation and a question mark.

For Raneri, the title represents the feelings the band’s 8th studio album invokes from the
listener. “We wanted the record to feel exciting and new, but also sound like a natural
progression for the band,” Raneri explains, “We just wanted to keep the listener on their
toes – there is a ton of information being thrown out – and if you want to take it all in – you
can’t stop paying attention for a second.” The result is the heaviest rock album of the
band’s career juxtaposed with the most catchy, melodic hooks the band has ever created.

Working with acclaimed producer, Cameron Webb (NOFX, Motorhead, Alkaline Trio), the
band embraced his eclectic résumé and pushed the boundaries of what a Bayside song
could sound like. “Cameron (Webb) has worked with a really wide range of artists, from
NOFX and Lagwagon to Kelly Clarkson to Motorhead and Megadeth,” Raneri shared, “We
thought it would be perfect to work with (him) because we see ourselves as sitting
somewhere in between all of those artists.”

Bayside has always focused on creating songs that are relevant to people who want
substance, rather than being relegated to one genre. With ‘Interrobang’, the band has
put together an eclectic, inspiring, and bold collection of songs.

Raneri shares, “Love it or hate it, we wanted the record to invoke something in people. We said with this record we either wanted to create something great or fall on our faces. Negative or positive, we just didn’t want the record to be ‘fine.’” While many bands would coast on their past success, Bayside rejects the premise and proves with ‘Interrobang’, out now via Hopeless Records, that the best is yet to come.

‘Interrobang’ Tracklisting:
1. Interrobang
2. Prayers
3. Bury Me
4. Tall
5. Medication
6. Numb
7. Heaven
8. Trouble
9. Walk It Off
10.White Flag

‘Interrobang’ is available now at


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