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‘It’s Showtime’ beats ‘Eat Bulaga’ in noontime supremacy in NUTAM

NUTAM only gets their data from selected urban areas in the Philippines.

It’s Showtime‘ emerged triumphant last September 30 (Monday) in the noontime slot as it geared up for its 10th year celebration, hitting 6.5%, versus ‘Eat…Bulaga‘ that registered 6.0% and ‘Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Buhay Ko‘ which received 6.2%.

‘It’s Showtime’ peaked at 7.0% while its rival noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga’ got 6.0% on Friday (October 4).

This October, ‘It’s Showtime’ is celebrating its biggest anniversary celebration to date called “Sampu Sample,” a year-long festival of surprises that marks the program’s ten years of making Filipinos happy. The show invites all madlang people to not just have fun but also help in taking care of the environment and making a difference.

Here are the NUTAM People Ratings from September 30 to October 4:

Monday (September 30)

Eat Bulaga 6.0%
Hanggang sa Dulo Ng Buhay Ko 6.2%
Its Showtime 6.5%

Tuesday (October 1)

Eat Bulaga 6.1%
Hanggang sa Dulo Ng Buhay Ko 6.0%
Its Showtime 6.6%

Wednesday (October 2)

Eat Bulaga 6.0%
Hanggang sa Dulo Ng Buhay Ko 5.4%
Its Showtime 6.9%

Thursday (October 3)

Eat Bulaga 6.4%
Hanggang sa Dulo Ng Buhay Ko 5.8%
Its Showtime 6.4%

Friday (October 4)

Eat Bulaga 6.0%
Hanggang sa Dulo Ng Buhay Ko 5.5%
Its Showtime 7.0%


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