Maricelle releases latest single ‘Mood’ under Umami Records

MARICELLE is an alternative R&B singer-songwriter, whose music is reflective of the continual evolution of her stream of consciousness and the accompanying psychedelia of emotions, brutally honest. A constancy pulsates gently through a landscape of sonic textures as MARICELLE finds herself settling into a comfort in her music-making endeavours in spite of the crests and troves that come with the rest of life.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2019, SINGAPORE – MARICELLE drops MOOD, the highly anticipated follow-up single to the Pursuit EP via Umami Records on Wednesday, October 23.

MARICELLE’s long awaited follow-up single, MOOD, was born of the artist’s exploration via introspection and discovery of new spaces, culminating in a new brand of subtly lo-fi mixed relaxed r&b sonic texture that is uniquely MARICELLE. This she does while still retaining her proclivity for captivating melodies, as seen in previous charting releases like her Pursuit EP and other singles.

A collaboration with Japanese producer Yaffle, MOOD is a catchy, brilliant display of MARICELLE’s crystal clear vocals and uncomparable melodic style.

“Doused in wanderlust, I began a nomadic journey seeking new experiences. Often finding myself entirely alone and isolated, I fell down a rabbit hole of introspection, disappearing into the new places,” the artist says. “In Tokyo, I met a kindred spirit and was reminded of how beautiful human connection through music can be.”

‘MOOD’ will be available on all digital platforms on Wednesday, October 23 at the following link:


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