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“Don’t Provoke Me,” Jenine Desiderio tells fans of daughter Janella Salvador

Many fans believed that the post was being addressed to Janella.

  • Jenine Desiderio and Janella Salvador have a love-hate relationship
  • Jenine threatened Janella’s fans, “Don’t provoke me,”
  • Is Janella’s boyfriend Markus Paterson the cause of the problem?

Janella Salvador’s relationship with her mom Jenine Desiderio has been notoriously troubled.

Recently, Jenine uploaded a photo message with the words, “Spend your time on those that love you unconditionally. Don’t waste it on those that only love you when the conditions are right for them.” In the caption accompanying the image, Jenine added, “If you expect unconditional love, stop & ask yourself truthfully if that’s also what you give. Family is not like a book that you pick up only when it’s convenient for you. Relationships need to be maintained.”

Many fans believed that the post was being addressed to Janella.

Janella’s fans moved to defend their idol and proceeded to attack Jenine.

“Mom @jeninedesirerio, how can @superjanella be understanding of u if u degrade her all the time?”

“Many times spread your daughter’s ‘shortcomings’ online to feel better about yourself. & u think Janella’s love is conditional? YOURS IS. Yes. Time is a factor of caring for family. But what about true warmth + safety as well – which many times you replaced. So conditionally.”

“And Jea @superjanella planned to spend Christmas with her family, she even mentioned about it. How she spend the rest of the holidays should not mean who she love more. That’s so childish & WRONG.

“How YOU acted on the Christmas ordeal shows how U feel about her.”

“Pag lumaki rin si Russell (lil bro) aalis din yan.”

“Toxic na nanay ni Jenine. Jusko!!!! Nagkakatampuhan kami ng Nanay ko, pero never ako sinira ng Nanay ko sa public like that. Jenine! Maawa ka sa anak mo. Nanay ka. Pagalitan mo ng kayo Lang kung talagang nagkamali. Noon ka pa ganyan habang si Jea eh tahimik Lang.”

WE LOVE U momshie @jeninedesiderio for bringing @superjanella into this world! If you love her UNCONDITIONALLY then pls honor her. If you want to see/talk to her, call/text/visit her! But pls don’t call her attention on social media. Public shaming is NEVER a form of discipline”

Jenine responded by hinting that by revealing her side of the story would put Janella in a bad light.

“If I talk you will all hate her. So please don’t provoke me.”

It was during her contract signing with Regal Entertainment on September 12, 2017 that Janella spoke up on her feud with her mother. It was said that this was following the series of rants Jenine made on social media about Janella’s rumored relationship love team partner Elmo Magalona.

The following year, Janella patched things up with her mother. The peaceful times did not last long and apparently mother and daughter are at odds once again, this time allegedly due to Janella’s relationship with Markus Paterson.

Late last year, Janella confirmed her relationship with the Filipino-British model and Boyband PH member Markus Paterson.

In an interview with the press uploaded by Allan Diones on YouTube last November, the actress said that they want to keep their relationship more private.


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