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MIA, short for Most Intriguing Angle for a RomCom Flick?

Despite the environmental stuff found in the film, the audience is in for a relatable romantic ride.

Romantic-comedy flick fans might find Mia interesting, terms of storytelling. It tells about a self-destructive and alcoholic Mia (Coleen Garcia) and the geologist Jay (Edgar Allan Guzman). 

At first, one could argue that Bataraza, Palawan, a mining town is not the typical rom-com setting. However, it was perfect for a love story that could bloom in the most unlikely place.

The award-winning filmmaker Veronica Velasco is impressive as she managed to put together two unlikely actors to have chemistry. Surprisingly, Guzman and Garcia made a lovely pair.

Since Mia struggles from the tragedy of her former fiance’s death, Velasco co-wrote with Jinky Laurel and penned a new journey for the female lead character. 

Mia is a doctor to the barrios, just like the one described in the 1970 book of the same title by the late Juan M. Flavier, a Filipino physician, who later became Secretary of the Department of Health and two-term Senator of the Philippines. 

Mia Salazar, a strong woman, still falls into the damsel-in-distress category as she meets her knight-in-shining-armor Jay Policarpio. That’s where the romance began. Both met at a wedding reception.  

What’s rather interesting is that Velasco and Laurel penned Jay’s character as flawed and not-the-perfect prince charming for Mia. He also has his weaknesses that match Mia’s strengths and vice versa. That’s where the idea of both characters complementing each other as they go on with a new journey together.

Acting-wise, Garcia may have channeled Anne Curtis-Smith charms onscreen (in some instances), it somehow worked for her and her character altogether. Guzman as the geologist who transforms mined-out land into rainforests; though he struggled in his lines, his commitment to the character made him effective in most of his scenes.

Velasco and Laurel succeeded in putting parallelism to the two lead characters’ struggles, connecting it to a plant and rocks.

Noel Teehankee‘s cinematography captured the character of the mining town in Bataraza. He was able to paint a romantic backdrop for the two lost souls. His shots were all brilliant.

It looks like Insight 360 Films hit a goldmine in this film. 

Despite the environmental stuff found in the film, the audience is in for a relatable romantic ride. Apart from that, the film offers the most intriguing angle for a love story.

Mia opens on January 15 in cinemas nationwide.


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