Markus Paterson is not bothered by Janella Salvador and Joshua Garcia’s team up

Markus does not seem to be worried about the onscreen relationship between Janella and Joshua.

Janella Salvador has now become more transparent about the real state of her love life. Currently, she is happy with her relationship with Markus Paterson.

After Janella was recently paired up with Joshua Salvador for the series The Killer Bride, what did Markus say?

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, the Filipino-British actor said that he and Salvador were “good” and that being an actress on a love team was not an issue for him.

Markus does not seem to be worried about the onscreen relationship between Janella and Joshua.

“I don’t really need to talk to anyone about it,” he said.

“It’s cool. They’re gonna have a long beautiful career together, I wish them the best.”

Markus said he and Joshua are all right, even though they haven’t seen each other recently

“I don’t see why we wouldn’t be. We haven’t talked yet. I haven’t seen him yet,”

Also, Janella shared that Markus has met her parents, Juan Miguel Salvador and Jenine Desiderio.

“Na meet na, na meet na ng Dad ko. Okay naman, actually wala akong problema ngayon pagdating doon.”

But the real question is what is the real status of Janella and Markus? Are they in a relationship?

“I like it when it’s not straight so let’s not set things straight muna.”

When also asked if he would want to work with Janella, the actor doesn’t want to work with Janella because he wants to keep his personal and professional life completely separate from each other.

“I like to keep my personal life and my work life far from each other. I wouldn’t mind working with her maybe sometime in the future but now, she needs to focus on Joshua for now,”

Markus was recently introduced as one of the newest stars of the Rise Artists Project, the talent management arm of ABS-CBN Films.


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