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Celebrities, netizens react to Noli de Castro’s statement downplaying Vico Sotto’s efforts

The statement of veteran TV Patrol host triggered many netizens to defend Vico.

Noli de Castro has earned the ire of netizens and celebrities over his ‘shady advice’ to Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto’s effort to ask the government to allow tricycle to operate.

Right before Jeff Canoy’s flash news report concluded, Noli aired his personal opinion and said: “Baka hindi niya alam na bawal ang public transpo.”

The statement of veteran TV Patrol host triggered many netizens to defend Vico. Some even recalled De Castro did not have any notable accomplishments during his time as the Vice President of the Philippines from 2004 until 2010.

Here are the reactions of netizens to Noli’s ‘shady advice’:

Director and writer Kip Oebanda reiterated what Vico really wants is to save people, as he knows what his people in direly need.

For Jesus Falcis, Vico has conducted a risk assessment in his city, and there’s no way the latter is not aware that public transportation is prohibited.

For some netizens, Noli de Castro only showed his insecurity about Vico’s competency as being a proactive leader in Pasig City.

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto has implemented precautionary measures to fight the pandemic COVID-19 in his city.

  1. Pasig was the first city to initiate Ordinance No. 07 Anti Panic Buying and Anti Hoarding
  2. Purchased disinfectant drones and vitamins for the constituents
  3. Php400,000.00 worth of food packs
  4. Fully paid salaries for the entire city hall employees including regular and contractual
  5. Disinfection in City Hall area
  6. Mobile kitchen for constituents
  7. Sanitation tent
  8. Bus service for essential personnel and they will try their best to operate until beyond the indicated hours


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