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KC Concepcion asks government to step up their COVID-19 efforts

KC Concepcion urged the government to level-up their sense of urgency in solving the COVID-19 crisis.

KC Concepcion is asking the government to level-up their efforts in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

In a series of tweets, KC seemed already frustrated also with how the government is handling the whole COVID-19 crisis.

In her first tweet, she shared an article about Senator Lacson’s comment on the lack of sense of urgency from the DOH and FDA.

Lacson is urging the government to level-up their sense of urgency in order for the country to quickly flatten the curve.

“As of last Monday, [March 23], when we were deliberating on the just-signed Bayanihan To Heal As One Act, we tested only 1,500 Filipinos, more or less. With a population of 107 million, the worst is yet to come unless DOH and FDA act with urgency,” said Lacson.

KC followed by quoting Lacson about the frustrating bureaucracy at customs that was causing the delay in the distribution of testing kits from other countries like South Korea and China.

Lacson suggested that the government should have “more flexibility” from DOH, as donated test kits are sitting at the Bureau of Customs due to the slow bureaucratic processes.

Currently, the country is battling COVID-19 with lack of “battle gear” for the front liners causing their early demise.

As of this writing, there were already 9 doctors who died from the disease due to exposure to the virus in line of their duty. And thousands have been quarantined from different hospitals in the country, making it harder for the already burdened medical facilities

Meanwhile, in continuation of her tweet series, KC questioned the government’s lack of money to procure medical equipment saying if possible government officials should shell out from their own pocket to support the battle against the crisis.

In the end, she said as a Filipino citizen who cares for the country, she cannot keep her silence. She added she’s worried about her life too like many others and hopes the government will step up to provide the much-needed support for better health care, especially at this time.


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