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Celebrities, netizens slam ‘Wow China’ show on state-owned radio station

Kaladkaren and Sen. Hontiveros called out PCOO’s collaboration with China Radio International.

Several celebrities and netizens have called out the airing of Wow China over state-owned radio station Radyo Pilipinas which is under the Philippine Broadcasting Service.

Kapamilya comedian and host Kaladkaren scored the collaboration between PBS and China Radio International as an affront to Filipinos.

“Yes to ABS-CBN shutdown tapos may WOW CHINA ang Radyo Pilipinas? WOW MALI na lang kaya”

Senator Risa Hontiveros, on the other hand, asked if the Filipino’s taxes are being used to air Chinese propaganda.

The Senator in her interview Tuesday has also called for the “immediate” cancellation of the show Wow China.

According to Hontiveros, Filipinos should be angry because they are using our taxes to promote China policy.

“Filipino taxpayers should be indignant that we are essentially paying for a radio show that promotes China’s policies,”

She also added that PCOO’s mandate should be to promote timely and relevant info about COVID-19 and not to promote China and its idealogy which encroaches our own sovereignty.

“PCOO should be fulfilling its mandate of helping the Filipino people with relevant and timely information especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, but instead, it is allowing a program that promotes China and its state ideology.

“It is also very hypocritical how the government is critical of alleged foreign ownership of other Filipino-owned media entities but is aiding and abetting this clear foreign encroachment in our own,” she added.

Meanwhile, Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS) has issued a clarification regarding the radio show Wow China.

“Co-hosted by a PBS anchor and broadcast in Filipino, the show features the traditions, culture, and history of both the Philippines and China; as well as the differences and similarities between the two countries. Its format is light, informative, and entertaining; in no way whatsoever does it espouse or promote a particular political view or cause,” it said.

PBS also reiterated that it continues to hold true to its mandate as the Republic of the Philippines’ and its people’s legitimate broadcasting arm.

“We also assure the public that contrary to what is being claimed by detractors, the Philippine Broadcasting Service has been at the forefront of disseminating relevant news and information to and from our citizens across the archipelago – particularly during this time of crisis. We have been working hand-in-hand with the different agencies and units of the government to ensure that communication with the Filipino people is constant and consistent,” it said.

“Now, more than ever, PBS remains steadfast and true to its mandate of being the broadcast arm of the government of the Republic of the Philippines and its people,” PBS added.

Here are other sentiments from the netizens about Wow China.


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