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‘Paano si Maris Racal?’ Iñigo Pascual defends Kathryn Bernardo from bashers; MarNigo fans react

Pascual was one of the celebrities who defended the actress from her bashers.

Fans of Maris Racal were offended when Iñigo Pascual defended Kathryn Bernardo from bashers, but failed to protect the former who was had been his love team partner.

Bernardo became the target of trolls and haters online for sharing her view regarding the ABS-CBN shutdown on Instagram.

In a video she posted on the image-sharing platform on May 13, Wednesday, the Phenomenal Box-Office Queen insisted that as the media giant was forced to go off-air, many people were deprived of up-to-date information and entertainment which Filipinos need most during this time of crisis.

But some Duterte supporters and bashers did not like what she said and started bullying her online by calling her “ugly” and “bowlegged.” This was also the reason why the hashtag #SakangSiKathryn trended on Twitter last weekend.

Pascual was one of the celebrities who defended the actress from her bashers.

Through his Twitter account, the 22-year-old singer lashed out at netizens for making fun of Kathryn’s legs.

He wrote, “wtf is wrong with people making a trend about Kath like that? may nakuha ba kayo sa ginagawa nyo. At least Kath is very successful…”

Pascual and Bernardo have been friends after working together on the hit film Crazy Beautiful You in 2015.

Many supporters of Kathryn lauded the young artist’s gesture of defending his friend.

However, supporters of Kapamilya artist Maris Racal and MarNigo fans felt betrayed by Iñigo’s action.

It can be recalled that Racal, 22, was one of the celebrities who received the ire of the netizens for expressing her disgust and disappointment with the current administration during the riot incident between PNP officers and residents of Quezon City which led to “shoot them dead” order of President Duterte.

“Bobo,” “papansin,” “feeling sikat,” “overacting,” and “mayabang” were some of the hurtful and degrading words the bashers told Racal and they even made the hashtag #BoycottMarisRacal trend on Twitter last month.

But to the fans’ dismay, Pascual did not do anything to defend his former love team partner like what he did to Bernardo.

Some netizens said that Racal needed a friend like Pascual during that time more than Bernardo did, but he failed to be there for her.

Racal and Pascual have been a love team since 2014. But, despite the mutual feelings they had for each other, their relationship never ended in a romance.

During the time when MarNigo’s break up became a headline, the son of Piolo Pascual revealed that he regretted not having enough time for her but that’s “that’s something I couldn’t give her since my time is focused on my family and my music.”


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