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Ruru Madrid, Bea Binene, David Licauco and other GMA Network artists show support to ABS-CBN amid franchise non-renewal

ABS-CBN’s quest for a new franchise was further complicated by the relentless attacks by President Rodrigo Duterte, who was persistently threatening the end of the network.

GMA Network personalities shared their support for their rival network ABS-CBN when the Congress refused their request for a new 25-year franchise.

Many Filipinos around the world have expressed their shock at the sudden news of the ABS-CBN shutdown at the time of the Philippines’ fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social media was abuzz with ABS-CBN permanently closing its broadcast operations, GMA’s personalities also reacted to the network shutting down for the second time since Martial Law in its nearly 70 years of service to the Filipino community.

Chynna Ortaleza, a contract artist of GMA Network, tweeted her support saying that ABS-CBN will find hope from this saddening news, “My heart will only allow light to come in.. Nothing bad ever comes from closed doors. I know something better will come from this. @ABSCBNNews ❤️ We stay strong together.”

Ruru Madrid said that even though he’s from a different network, they have one goal which is to serve the Filipino people, “Magkaiba man ng bakod, pero iisa ang hangarin yan ay ang magpasaya ng mga tao. Isang mahigpit na yakap mga Kapamilya”

Bea Binene showed her support by sending a ‘virtual’ hug to Kapamilyas and even tweeted a broken heart along with green and blue hearts that signifies ABS-CBN’s colors.

“nasabi ko na ‘to noon, parang mas kailangan ‘to ngayon… dasal, mahigpit na virtual yakap at puso. 🙏🏼 kapit lang 💔💚💙”

David Licauco, also a Kapuso ever since he started a career in showbiz, that even his heart is for the Kapuso network he stands with ABS-CBN, “I am a proud Kapuso but I know that both networks have the same mission—to serve the Filipinos. The fight is far from over, & we all know this is more than just about the franchise. For now, let me send out hugs and prayers”

The death of ABS-CBN’s franchise application to the House of Representatives is consistent with the alleged “kill, kill, kill” legacy of President Rodrigo Duterte ‘s administration, he said that this is a warning of “an even more worrying sense of impunity” in the country.

In a vote of 70-11, the House Legislative Franchise Committee “laid on the table” or “killed” the franchise application of ABS-CBN Corp., permanently shutting down a large part of the country’s largest media network.

Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility trustee Vergel Santos said, “‘Pag tiningnan mo, iyong kill is very much in keeping with the theme of this regime di ba? Patay, patay, patay, ”

“This pre-stages an even more worrisome sense of impunity sa ating institusyon. Puwede palang gawin ito. Ang chill talaga is going across, not only the media — sa tao,”

Bills calling for a new ABS-CBN franchise had been stalled in the House Franchise Committee since 2014, and had not moved forward until media attention to the NTC shutdown had forced congressmen to seriously consider the idea.

ABS-CBN’s quest for a new franchise was further complicated by the relentless attacks by President Rodrigo Duterte, who was persistently threatening the end of the network.

Remembering, President Duterte whose war on narcotics killed thousands at the beginning of his term, accused the network of failing to air its 2016 campaign adverts and of not returning the payments, and, in his speeches, denounced it to anger.

“I’m sorry. You’re out. I will see to it that you’re out,” Duterte said in December.


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