P&G Safeguard partners with DOH on BIDA Solusyon Laban sa COVID-19 campaign to bring hand hygiene education closer to millions of Filipino families nationwide

As our country continues its fight against COVID-19, lockdown restrictions to hotspot areas are strictly being implemented, and movements are back to a minimum.

As our country continues its fight against COVID-19, lockdown restrictions to hotspot areas are strictly being implemented, and movements are back to a minimum. People continue with their new normal routines, which includes protecting themselves — when going out for essential errands and coming home — from the threats of getting sick.

In support of the World Health Organization’s prioritization of handwashing as a first line of defense against COVID-19, Safeguard has partnered with the Department of Health (DOH) for the BIDA Solusyon laban sa COVID-19 campaign. The program aims to help Filipinos realize the value of doing their own part in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 through proper hygiene and social distancing measures to at home and beyond.

According to a survey from the DOH, only 1 out of 10 Filipinos know how to wash their hands properly. As a way to address this, Safeguard utilized their media network and alliances with groups like Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET) to strengthen proper hand hygiene education. Over the next few weeks, Safeguard, along with other P&G brands, will release a series of informational materials that demonstrate proper hygiene practices, one of which is handwashing.

The DOH and P&G, in partnership with USAID, will also be providing BIDA home kits to 70,000 Filipino families in 36 provinces nationwide to help them practice the prescribed behaviors for COVID-19 prevention. Each kit will contain a two-week supply of Safeguard bath soap. The distribution of BIDA Kits will help local government units manage COVID-19 community outbreaks and will help families protect their homes.

“P&G has been a long-time partner of DOH in promoting health and hygiene such as during SARS or H1N1. Private-public partnerships help us reach and educate more of our countrymen so together we can all contain the virus and spare lives. We also thank P&G’s partners like supermarkets, stores, and TV networks who are helping DOH and P&G make BIDA Solusyon reach millions of Filipinos,” mentioned by Dr. Beverly Lorraine Ho, Director of the DOH for health promotion and communication services during the DOH and P&G’s virtual partnership launch

Stepping up as a Force for Good for a SAFE New Normal

As the trusted antibacterial soap brand for more than 54 years, Safeguard Philippines has been consistent in its community support programs that create meaningful difference to the health and safety of the Philippines. Just last year, more than 100,000 students were provided hand hygiene education and access from Safeguard’s handwash facility provisions in public schools. Safeguard’s efforts also helped decrease contamination in the Philippines General Hospital from 13.5% to 6.7% in the last 3 years. Beyond this, it’s especially during times of crisis that Safeguard stepped up to support the community. Earlier this year, Safeguard has led significant efforts during the Taal Volcano crisis, working in close partnership with local institutions such as the Philippines Red Cross.

Just as hospitals were running out of soap during ECQ, Safeguard stepped up to support the community during this difficult time by using its distribution network to help get soaps and other essentials to frontliners in less than 24 hours, amid huge increases in demand. So far, Safeguard has helped a total of 15,000 healthcare frontliners with donations of more than 100,000 bars and bottles of soap. Beyond this, Safeguard partnered with the Philippines Red Cross to create a BayaniHands Project to generate funds for frontliners.

In order to ensure consumer safety as establishments reopen, Safeguard has also partnered with malls nationwide, ensuring that effective handwashing facilities are readily available. Access to Safeguard hand soap and proper handwashing guidelines are rolled out, helping the Philippines adapt to a better normal.

Now more than ever, when hygiene is of top priority in keeping your family safe, Safeguard — with its 54 years of being an integral part of Filipino’s daily lives — continues to strive in ensuring every Filipino family is SAFE with the protection they need against 99.99% of germs causing bacteria through every handwash.

Find out more about Safeguard’s SAFE Philippines mission by sending an inquiry on Safeguard’s Facebook page:


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