After 11 year hiatus, Gary Beals releases his new album ‘Bleed My Truth’ on October 23rd

Some artists find it difficult stepping back into the spotlight after a long hiatus, but not for R&B recording artist Gary Beals.

Toronto, September 2020 – Some artists find it difficult stepping back into the spotlight after a long hiatus, but not for R&B recording artist Gary Beals.

Now, back and better than ever, Gary Beals introduces us to a more refined and conscious version of himself on his new album, “Bleed My Truth”, available on October 23rd. As well on October 9th the remix to his current single, “Blood Red Roses” will be released along with an accompanying video that is guaranteed to have you wanting more.

From track opener and lead single “Me For Me,” which tackles vulnerability in relationships; to “Why Not”’s more confident and aggressive tone of Gary pursuing a love interest; to reminiscing on past versions of himself in “Pictures,” Beals’ third studio album offers listeners the chance to experience all the levels of self-revelation.

“‘Bleed My Truth,” was inspired by my desire to live in my truth,” explains Beals. “To be open about who it is that I am, and to be more of my authentic self. Authenticity is power, and having that same power has allowed me to really start living and watching the beauty of life unfold. This project is about self-love and self-acceptance, and represents liberation. The album is about the deeper places I had to go to, to learn about the core of who I am. I had to expose my pain, hurt and disappointment and channel it in a way where I began to heal and watch life take form.”

Gary wants people to really take in the album as a whole to get a better understanding of his journey, his growth and his experiences. Hoping that his album will inspire people to feel a deeper sense of self, to live better and more authentic lives which will allow them to tap more into their purpose allowing people to really LIVE! He wants people to not feel like they’re alone.

Blood Red Roses:

Blood Red Roses was the last song written on the album. It was inspired by his trip to South Africa in Feb 2019! He fell in love with the place, with the people! To be in the Motherland for the first time was amazing. The happiness he felt at times was very emotional. Being on that land was extremely liberating! It made him realize the true beauty that he is. The beauty that we are! He learned to enjoy moments. It made him appreciate his black skin! His strength, power and inner beauty! An ode to Africa, to the blackness and celebrating everything that they are. “We are kings and Queens”! Blood red roses represents romantic love, golden kisses represents platonic love, and frozen moments are a reminder to bask in all forms of love with self and others! We’re gonna live and love forever!

Gary Beals’ newest album “ Bleed My Truth is dropping on October 23rd worldwide 🌍 & October 9th “Blood Red Roses” re-mix and video will be released

Available on all Platforms on October 23rd.


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