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TV REVIEW: ‘I Can See Your Voice’ Returns Pitch-Perfect with A New Set of SING-vestigators and A Modified Format

Now following a more interesting format, the returning mystery music game show showcases more thrill, more fun, and more jaw-dropping reveals.

A2Z | Kapamilya Channel | Kapamilya Online Live
Presenter: Luis Manzano
Format: Mystery music game show
Premise: A celebrity guest player tries to eliminate all tone-deaf contestants until one who is a singer remains at the end of the show.
Time slot: Satudays, 7:45 PM and Sundays, 7:15 PM


Now following a more interesting format, the returning mystery music game show showcases more thrill, more fun, and more jaw-dropping reveals.

People need to know that it isn’t just ‘I Can See Your Voice’ the only show of Korean origin that premiered on Philippine television, on October 24. The Philippine edition of the global hit, ‘Masked Singer’, also made its debut on the same day, and while the two shows went head-to-head for at least 15 minutes, the Billy Crawford-hosted show, went on air a bit earlier.

Now on its third season, I Can See Your Voice comes back with new members on its SING-vestigators panel. Season 1 and 2 regulars Angeline Quinto, Andrew E., and KaladKaren, are joined by new panelists, Long Mejia, Negi, and Eric Nicolas, replacing Alex Gonzaga, Kean Cipriano, and Bayani Agbayani.

The beginning of the new season also marks its return to free television, after months of airing old episodes on ABS-CBN’s pay tv channel, Kapamilya Channel. Now seen online, on cable, and on free tv via A2Z Channel 11, the new season sports a new set, and a new format, which now follows that of the US.

The only major difference is that celebrities are still the ones playing as the guessers, and the prize is bagged by the last standing SEE-cret songer, who can be either a See-nger (singer) or SEEn-tunado (tone-deaf).

The panelist are still called the SING-vestigators, except now, like the contestants, they also call themselves by a special moniker. Arguably, with the departure of Alex Gonzaga and Bayani Agbayani, the replacements may find it not easy to fill in the space those two vacated, in terms of providing the show the much needed comic relief, which Gonzaga and Agbayani are know to be very good at.

Now following the US format, the game goes in three rounds, namely: 1.) Everybody Sync, where the five SEE-cret songers are divided into two groups to do a lipsync performance, 2.) Two or false, where both an evidence that supports a SEE-cret songer is a real singer, and one that supports he’s not, are presented and lastly 3.) Play it by hear round, where three members of the panel are randomly selected to vouch for the SEE-cret songer assigned to them (this is after hearing a 20-second real voice clip from the contestants).

Luis Manzano, who is still funny and gorgeous with his confidence, proclaiming himself ‘the Gwapo Hiking Society’ (although he didn’t need to) reprises his hosting role in his element. Although now, he would need to work out his rapport with a new set of S.O.C.O. (SING of the Crime Investigators) panelists.

Diamond Soul Siren, Nina, graced the show’s season premiere and ended up guessing the right singer. The song number she shared with the winning contestant proved that she still has it when it comes to belting out those high notes and runs.

Overall, I Can See Your Voice’s return, is fun. I mean there is much to say about the show’s being repetitive, but it remains engaging especially when it is time to reveal the SEE-cret songers’ real identities. There are also gold moments found in the SING-vestigators hilarious banter and for a while, I thought, ‘I missed this kind of show’ so much, having seen and enjoyed most episodes of the past two seasons. It will be up to the next episodes if the show can keep its faithful audience and attract more viewers, or lose them to its rival show on TV5.

I Can See Your Voice airs on free tv via A2Z Channel 11, on cable via Kapamilya Channel, and online via ABS-CBN Network’s Youtube and Facebook accounts.


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