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Better than other generations? Gabbi Garcia perception on GenZs as brave and risk-takers

Is Generation Z better than other generations?

In an interview for her upcoming show, IRL (In Real Life), Kapuso actress and host Gabbi Garcia shared her take on the difference between Gen Zs and other older generations.

Gen Zs, based on her own perception as part of the younger generation, are very vocal when it comes to topics that are relevant, that they are not afraid to take risks and speak out their mind.

“Siguro kasi Gen Zs now mostly are brave and risk-takers,” she said.

Gabbi added, “Very ano kasi kami, we really speak up when we know something’s not right.”

The Kapuso host is also very happy to be an instrument for the youth to express themselves. Thanks to her show IRL, she now has the opportunity to hear the opinions and insights of other teenagers regarding topics that are worth discussing.

“…iniinterview sila or they create a video, and then they share their thoughts and their insights. So based on their own experiences. I get to share mine and we get to also talk to people outside of the industry to get to know their experiences,” she said.

Social media is also a big factor for the youth of today.

“Social media now kasi, it has its pros and cons. So it’s up to you if you use it as a weapon, or you’ll use it to your advantage. So I feel like, it’s not just the Gen Zs but the whole social media in general. I feel like people sometimes are forgetting including myself that social media is a gift and it shouldn’t be used as a weapon. It should be used to connect to people, to connect with each other and sana we just view it as a gift and not as a weapon to hurt people and to hurt one another,” the Kapuso host said.

Being considered as the perfect example of a better Gen Z, Gabbi was asked to give some advice to other teens regarding the use of social media.

She encourages the younger generation to really speak their mind with an intention that is pure.

“…siguro at the end of the day kasi lahat naman tayo gusto lang nating ma-improve and we all just want the same thing and that is to improve on things, di ba? To make life better. So siguro let’s stick to that kung ano yung goal ng isa’t-isa at as much as possible, sana hindi na tayo magaway-away on social media. And as long as our intentions are pure, and wala tayong tinatapakan na tao, okay lang naman to speak your mind,” she said.

She also emphasized the actual purpose of social media to people—that is to connect with each other.

“My message is that, to remind ourselves that social media is a gift that we should use to connect with each other,” said Gabbi.

IRL (In Real Life) airs on GMA News TV Thursdays, 9:15 pm.


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