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Celebrities criticize Harry Roque for calling out the Robredo sisters who looked for the President

It should always be business and nothing should be personal…especially if you’re the government

With the government divided more than ever, even families of public officials are being ridiculed just because they are vocal with their opinions and criticisms regarding the government.

In a media briefing last Thursday, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque blamed Vice President Leni Robredo’s daughters for creating the Twitter trend #NasaanAngPangulo. He went on saying that Tricia and Aika Robredo were the ones looking for the President.

As a result of involving Robredo’s daughters, many have criticized Roque and gave their support to the daughters of the Vice President.

Pia Magalona, the wife of late Filipino rapper Francis Magalona, ridiculed the skill of Roque for finding fault with the tweets of the daughters of VP Robredo.

She said, “In the tradition of the matrix… I’ve also always dreamt of being a detective, but my skills are way better than this. LOLZZZ.”

Senator Leila de Lima criticized Roque who took his time finding fault with the Robredo sisters, especially since he was having a karaoke session during the destruction of Cagayan Valley by Ulysses.

She said, “Harry Roque bashes Robredo sisters on Tweets. But why, Harry? They did not even mention anything about a midnight karaoke. #HarryKaraRoque.

Twitter personality AltABSCBN ridiculed Roque’s misunderstanding that Robredo’s daughters were the only ones looking for the President during typhoon Ulysses’ onslaught. They posted a photo with a caption: “The daughters in question:”

Dr. Jai Cabajar imagined how the spokesperson’s reaction when he saw the Robredo sisters’ tweets.

Some ridiculed the time spent by a government official looking for tweets, especially during calamities.

Former COMELEC official Goyo Larrazabal criticized Roque on how he spent his time—looking for tweets, karaoke, and swimming with dolphins.

He said, “Wow… dami talaga time noh? From checking timelines of children, karaoke, and swimming with dolphins.”

Others were astonished at how the Spokesperson connected the Robredo sisters to their mother to whom they accused of looking for President Duterte. Some emphasized that they were not holding a public office and that they are not the Vice President. Moreover, they are entitled to their own opinion and have the freedom to voice their thoughts regarding how the government is being run.

Philstar editor Jonathan de Santos reminded Roque that Robredo’s daughters are not the Vice President.

He tweeted, “Ang ano lang kasi… ang sa akin lang… hindi naman sila ang vice president.”

Investigative journalist Raissa Robles emphasized that the Robredo sisters, who Roque was bullying on his media briefing, were also citizens who have the right to ask where the leader of the country is.

She said, “But @lenirobredo‘s daughters are citizens who have the right to look for the President anytime..

Others criticized how low Harry Roque was by involving the children of Leni Robredo.

Human Rights lawyer Ruby Rosselle Tugade could only fathom how the spokesperson treats his students.

She tweeted, “Ganyan ka eh, you can’t take on someone your own level. Must be the reason why you loved picking on your students.”

ABS-CBN journalist Anjo Bagaoisan could only tweet “Uhm” as Roque criticized the Robredo sisters’ tweets who were looking for someone.

Some personalities applauded the dedication of Tricia and Aika Robredo to the country. Them seeking for good-governance is admirable for the fact that they are the children of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Former Special Adviser for the National Taskforce against COVID-19 Dr. Tony Leachon commended the guts of the Robredo sisters for their love and concern for the people and the country.

“The young daughters of VP @lenirobredo are way out of their league in showing good behavior and deep concern for the people.They are not public officials but people know they genuinely care most for our country without creating fanfare. Leadership is an action, not a position,” he tweeted.

The “cause”

The rant of Harry Roque was the result of Tricia and Aika Robredo’s tweets last Saturday, November 14. Both of them were obviously looking for the President amid the situation in Cagayan Valley. Roque cited these tweets as a result of how people reacted to the VP’s relief efforts.

Tricia Robredo tweeted, “Tulog pa rin? Alas otso na.”

To which her sister, Aika replied with, “Sabado eh. Weekend.”

Bullying is not ok

Vice President Leni Robredo condemned the action of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque who tried to silence her children from speaking their own opinion.

“Ngayon, ang binubully mga anak ko. I have always been proud of the persons my daughters have become. They are their own persons. What they have accomplished, so far, are all borne out of their hard work. They never used our name or whatever little influence we have to get what they want,” said VP Leni.

Roque, who just released a statement that President Duterte’s insults to his vice president were justified because Robredo’s daughters and her spokesperson, Barry Gutierrez, were looking for the President’s presence during the flooding caused by Typhoon Ulysses. However, Leni went on by saying that her children are adults and not in the government. She also added that her children were raised to be outspoken when it comes to their beliefs.

“They’re all adults now. They’re not in government. They are not politicians and they don’t plan to be. Totoo, they’re outspoken and rightfully so. We have trained them to stand up for themselves and what they believe in,” she added.


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