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REVIEW: ‘Farm to Table’ Offers Unique Platform to Rediscover Our Unique Culinary Heritage

GMA Public Affairs promises to take Kapuso viewers in a mouth-watering ride, with its new cooking show


Host: Chef JR Royol

Format: Cooking show

Premise: Chef JR Royol gives viewers a peek into how favorite local meals are prepared, from growing and harvesting the ingredients to cooking and plating them.

Time slot: Sundays, 6:15 PM

Why You Should See It:

GMA Public Affairs promises to take Kapuso viewers on a mouth-watering ride every Sunday night. As a native food enthusiast, Chef JR Royol, searches for our indelible culinary footprints across the country, by featuring our delectable dishes and how they are prepared, straight from the roots.

Viewers are treated with savory visuals as MasterChef Philippines champion, JR Royol leads the charge in giving the viewers a delightful peek into food preparation straight from the ground up. He makes the Kapuso viewers hungry witnesses to the magical transformation of raw ingredients to heartwarming meals. The show also becomes an effective platform to encourage locals to live a healthy lifestyle by rediscovering the joys of home-cooked meals, as well as the fascinating processes of preparing them from the roots.

Royol visits farms all over the country and personally prepares and cooks the dishes, with exquisite farm backdrops, making the preparation process, another memorable experience. Chef Royol genuinely shares his utmost experiences in preparing the dish, which is sort-of-magical, as the experience he imparts takes viewers on one mouth-watering adventure.

Farm to Table is just one of GTV’s impressive line-up of public-service and educational shows, whose arrival seems very timely, as the negative consequences of the pandemic still persist. The show invites audiences to explore their choices and to appreciate what they still have, and what they can do with it, to come up with something worthwhile. As a platform to rediscover our unique culinary heritage, ‘Farm to Table’ is an imposing stand-out, perhaps, more than that is the fulfilling experience that the show imparts. Of course, while the end goal remains—as Royol explains—eating delectable dishes, the process of preparation could be a separate journey that is worth going through over and over again.

‘Farm to Table’ airs every Sunday on GMA Network’s free-to-air channel, GTV. Watch the teaser below:


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