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Arjo Atayde on why he did not leave the network: “I’m a team player”

Arjo Atayde owes ABS-CBN so much that he will not leave them even if the company sinks

Among the Kapamilya artists who signed new contracts during today, February 26, contract signing of ABS-CBN, Arjo Atayde had a revelation to make.

With many of his fellow artists transferring networks during one of the darkest days of ABS-CBN, Atayde has decided to stay with them. With his newly-signed contract, he reveals his reason.

According to the award-winning actor, whatever happens to ABS-CBN, he will be with them. It’s because he treats the network as his home.

“[Because] I’m a team player. If they sink, I sink with them. If they’re gone, I’m gone with them. So the reason, why I’m staying is: this is my home. And I don’t want to be elsewhere but here. I am a Kapamilya. I am born to be a Kapamilya, and I will stay here no matter what,” shared the actor.

The TV station also has numerous projects for him, which made him feel that he is being taken good care of.

“Well we are planning to do something mid-year, would be announcing very soon. So ABS-CBN is taking care of me so much, and I’m very blessed for that,” he said.

Aside from that, he trusted ABS-CBN ever since he started his acting career with them. And he trusts the network’s decision on whatever project they want him to do.

“Honestly, I trust them since day one. So, whatever project they may give me. Like what I’ve said, we’re working on a project. That’s it for now,” he added.

Recently, Atayde won Best Actor at the 3rd Asian Academy Creative Awards for his performance in “Bagman”. But with him being recognized internationally, it’s not just his win but also with the network he’s with. It is because the network is his family.

“You know I don’t wanna be…of course it’s international recognition. I would always be thankful. It’s such a big blessing to me. And I took the award as ‘ABS-CBN and me’. It’s always gonna be with me, it’s my family. And the recognition is not only for me but for the whole of ABS-CBN. That’s how I treated it from the start and that’s how it is for me up until now,” said Atayde.

The actor also teased his fans with a movie that he will produce. The film was supposed to be for Atayde and the late Eddie Garcia. Nevertheless, it became a tribute for the late actor.

“Well this coming April, I’m working on a movie that’s supposed to be for me and Mr. Eddie Garcia. But it became a tribute to him. And this is one of the movies that I’m first producing, alongside my team. So this is one of the stories that I’m looking forward to [telling],” he said.

Atayde is just one of the many who signed new contracts during the event. He was joined by Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Francine Diaz, Donny Pangilinan, and Gary Valenciano.


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