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Juan Miguel Severo hinted about a gay cast member of an online BL series who fell in love with his straight co-star

Netizens were also surprised upon reading Severo’s tweet. Many were asking Severo to spill the beans.

Writer and actor Juan Miguel Severo dropped a ‘bomb’ when he said that a gay star of an online Boy’s Love series in 2020 fell in love with his supposedly straight-onscreen partner.

Although not identified, Severo mentioned that this gay actor was among their letter-sender in their Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast.

On May 18, Severo shared this revelation on twitter and wrote: “So the letter sender in our Roselle Nava special is a gay cast member of an online series from last year that developed feelings for their supposedly straight onscreen partner… Mami, who are you??????”

Netizens were also surprised upon reading Severo’s tweet. Many were asking Severo to spill the beans.

On May 18, Filmmaker Antoinette Jadaone endorsed their podcast, Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast. 

She revealed that the episode centered on Severo helping the gay actor to overcome his dilemma.

Her post reads: “Bumaba siya mula sa langit upang tulungan ang ating letter sender na na-in-love sa kaeksena niya Abangan ang Book 3 ng #AngWalangKwentangPodcast with Sta. Roselle Nava herself sooooon!”

Right after Severo and Jadoane finished the recording for the said episode for their podcast, he revealed that he seems to have an idea who was the letter-sender.

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