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Maja Salvador recollects a stressful memory of the Coco Martin-Matteo Guidicelli brawl at Star Magic Ball

On an interview with G3 San Diego of Mega Entertainment, she recalled how stressful it was when Coco and Matteo had a fight. 

Actress Maja Salvador used to prioritize her career above her relationships. One of the biggest controversies that afflicted her career in showbiz was the brawl that happened between actor Coco Martin and her ex-boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli.

In an interview with G3 San Diego of Mega Entertainment, she recalled how stressful it was when Coco and Matteo had a fight.

Salvador once played the role of Krista in the series ‘Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin’. Back then she was paired with Coco in the said series while at that time, she was dating Guidicelli in real life.

“Si Krista sa ‘Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin’. ‘Dun yung nag-click talaga yung team up namin ni Coco. Kaya favorite ko siya, iconic rin kasi, girl version ako ni Robin Padilla. So ganun yung role ko so favorite ko siya and isa yun sa mga parang tumatak sa kanila,” she shared.

The undeniable and intense chemistry that she created with Coco on screen sparked some intrigue hence many mistook it as their closeness seemed to be more than just mere closeness. It also did not sit well with Guidicelli as he felt some discomfort with Salvador and Coco’s on-screen partnership.

Salvador was devoted to her work back then that she could not even see how badly it affected her relationships. Guidicelli thought that few lines had been crossed. This had led Guidicelli to pick up a fight against Coco during the Star Magic Ball in 2011.

Salvador narrated the commotion that happened back then.

“Kinausap ko na si Matteo na behave na tayo. Sa Salon de Ning, si Matteo, sabi niya kukuha siya drink, ‘Okay!’ Tapos si Coco ‘nung nakita niya ako mag-isa, lumapit, nag ‘Hello.’ Eh sakto bumabalik si Matteo, tapos yun na! Tapos hindi ko na alam yung nangyari biglang narinig ko nalang ‘Clack!’. May mga nabasag na!”

Stressed ako, girl! At walang magkakagusto ‘non…” she admitted.

With all the realizations, Salvador’s perception of work differed a lot from Guidicelli’s. She was willing to do everything for her career even if it will cause her to compromise between her relationship and her career.

Guidicelli, on the other hand, was young at that time and was not mature enough to handle such a relationship.

“Syempre na-realize namin na parang mag-work na lang ako. Siya kasi parang hindi niya pa kayang mag-handle ng relationship talaga. Kasi mas mature nga ako, mas matanda ako,” she explained.

The two eventually broke up.

Guidicelli is now happily married to Sarah Geronimo. Salvador is in a relationship with businessman Rambo Nuñez. As for Coco, he is linked with actress Julia Montes for so long.

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