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The truth about the cancelation of top rating show ‘Pepito Manaloto’ for a decade

A Let Go and Moving Forward Show: Pepito Manaloto in Its Finale Episode

On a virtual mediacon this day, the stars of the longest-running sitcom show Pepito Manaloto, Michael V aka Bitoy and Manilyn Reynes revealed the real score as to why the show has to end on May 29 airing the finale episode.

According to Bitoy, it was indeed a hard challenge to produce quality entertainment in times of pandemic. He added that they got through tough times in scheduling tapings and shoots bearing the standard protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy.

His co-star Manilyn Reynes also stated that as the pandemic grows, there were instances where the cast and crew found happenings uncontrollable and beyond their capacity. However, they were still grateful that despite hurdles they encountered, the show has still delivered. All out thanks to the audience who still went above and beyond to support the sitcom from all angles.

On a lighter note, the revelation has disclosed that with the farewell bid of Pepito Manaloto, GMA Network has an upcoming prequel of the said sitcom portraying how Pepito and young Elsa found their way to each other’s love and how it grew.

Bitoy exclaimed that this decision was a step back and assessment to enhance the storyline of the show without jeopardizing the safety of everyone.

March of this year, netizens became outrageous when Twitter posts and hashtags made a trend to the years when Pepito Manaloto has dominated the television with its classic and comedic dialogs and banters. It was a quick memory lane where rumors and speculations rose as Bitoy has not renewed his contract with the network.

Recently, this controversy has been cleared when Michael V admitted that he will be participating in the creative staff of the prequel of the said sitcom.

Coming from a direct COVID-19 experience, Bitoy knew at first hand the struggles and challenges one has to go through in order to survive the threat of the illness. With that said, the decision comes in a positive light paying concern to everyone who is working with the show and the entire production.

Perhaps, this would be a relief to Bitoy as he will not be playing a role in the upcoming prequel however the satisfaction of the viewers is still to be looked forward to as Pepito Manaloto promises a final episode that everyone will surely love.

Bitoy and the rest of the team is positive that the finale will not only be a closure but a window for another chapter to unfold. Will this be a hit or a miss?

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