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No more ‘Gaya sa Pelikula?’ Producer, director, lead actors speak up about its fate

But for now, the taping for the second season is postponed.

Stars of the BL series Gaya sa Pelikula–Ian Pangilinan and Paolo Pangilinan had a conversation on twitter about the show’s postponement of its new season.

Ian posted on his twitter account that he will not be affected by such news and will continue sharing their stories.

Paolo then sympathized with his co-actor, sending words of encouragement.

To which, Ian, replied, “I fite (fight).”

Gaya sa Pelikula was supposed to start grinding its second season this coming week. 

However, the show’s producer, Quark Henares, through ABS-CBN reporter MJ Felipe, shared the news that the show’s production is being postponed. Furthermore, the decision to continue it rests on the fans.

In the following tweet, Felipe relayed that Henares will change the original scriptwriter, Juan Miguel Severo, resulting in a possible re-writing of the whole season of the show.

According to Henares, the reason for the suspension of the show’s production is that the team is currently facing a ‘problem.’

Despite his non-revelation of the person’s identity nor the cause of the problem–still, it left an impact on the show’s upcoming season.

Henares also shared how the series empowered the young generation to accept themselves, creating safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community. However, the show’s message is [now] questioned.

Without dropping names, Henares stressed that he is keen on not working with someone who ‘uses their power to take advantage of anyone else, in any capacity.’

Henares and his family and friends–together assessed the situation. They provided solutions in overcoming the challenge.

After their meeting, Henares and his staff are certain in pursuing their story–the story that they all are trying to create.

But for now, the taping for the second season is postponed.

According to JP Habac, the director of the show, the production team will be taking a break for a while and compose themselves.

But this does not mean that the show is over. Some staff reiterated Henares’s statement that it is still their story.

Ian also expressed his support for their cause, that no one can break them down.

He is sure of continuing their fight and sharing their stories.

Paolo also supported Henares and the show’s staff by letting them understand that they do not owe anything to anyone for being themselves.

The actor then explained that the team behind the show only wants to help their fellow LGBTQIA+ member.

He also encouraged them to keep fighting as he tweeted, “Laban bading.”

Recently, on his twitter account, Paolo shared some cryptic messages regarding sexual harassment that specifically target someone.

And in one of his most recent tweets is yet another cryptic message that said, “Balmain ang susi sa hustisya.”

In the meantime, Severo, who is no longer the scriptwriter of Gaya sa Pelikula, has not yet released his statement regarding his termination.

He also deactivated his twitter account.

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