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Why is Lassy Marquez terrified of Kit Thompson?

“Makikita mo s’yang parang foot long, charot! Hahaha! Yung p’wede mo s’yang hatiin sa dalawa. Wooh ang langsa!”

In the virtual media conference for the upcoming Vivamax film Sarap Mong Patayin on Friday, September 23, Lassy Marquez admitted he feared his co-star Kit Thompson.

“Nung umpisa, natatakot talaga ako. Sa laking tao ni Kit, isang kamao lang ako talaga ‘pag nagkamali ako. So nakakatakot talaga sa simula,” he admitted.

In the film’s trailer, Lassy was seen caressing and licking the nipples of Kit, who was in his underwear.

“Pero yung mangyari sa akin na gano’n na experience na gawin yung eksena na ‘yon, parang ano, parang isang biyaya. Hahaha!”

Though the scene was unique and controversial due to its sexual nature, Lassy revealed he asked his co-actor permission to do what he was told to do—lick Kit’s nipples.

Apparently, it was Direk Darryl Yap’s idea to have Lassy ‘enjoy’ the nipples of his co-star. But, according to the director, he told the comedian to ask for consent for the specific scene.

“Ganito kasi ‘yan. Ako dapat ang magtatanong kay Kit kung okay lang ba dilaan ni Lassy yung nipples ni Kit.

“Sabi ko pag tinanong ko si Kit kung okay lang ba kay Kit na dilaan ni Lassy ang nipple n’ya, s’yempre sasabihin sa’kin ni Kit, ‘sige Direk okay lang.’

“Pero hindi ko alam kung gusto talaga ni Kit. Kasi s’yempre baka out of respect or because I’m his director, mapa-oo lang si Kit.

“Ang ginawa ko ganito, kinuha ko si Lassy. Sabi ko, ‘Lassy tanungin mo si Kit kung okay lang sa kanyang dilaan mo yung utong n’ya,'” Direk Darryl told the press.

Lassy’s reaction was hilarious as the director narrated that he said: “‘Direk baka sapukin ako!'”

The comedian was even asked to compare and describe Kit’s and that of his co-actor in the movie Ang Manananggal na Nahahati ang Puso Marco Gallo.

Lassy said it was ‘gigantic,’ close to being a ‘foot long.’

“Makikita mo s’yang parang foot long, charot! Hahaha! Yung p’wede mo s’yang hatiin sa dalawa. Wooh ang langsa!”

Meanwhile, there was also an instance where Lassy had an epic fail meet-up with his chatmate. According to the comedian, whilst engaging himself with online chatting, he met a guy interested in him.

He then asked if they could meet where he worked, which was in Punchline. To his surprise, it was a co-worker of his who he had been talking to the whole time.

“One time nung kausuhan before ng mga parang Yahoo messenger, ng MIRC. So nakikipag-chat ako sa ganyan.

“Chat-chat kami, then magmi-meet kami, ASL, age, sex, ganyan-ganyan. So magmi-meet kami.

“So sa Punchline comedy bar ako nagpe-perform. Then chinat ko s’ya, nag-chat s’ya sa’kin. Then magmi-meet na kami sa Punchline.

“No’ng nakita ko, kasamahan ko rin pala sa trabaho. So pareho kaming nagkagulatan as in.

“Si Arnel Tamayo. Swear! Hinding-hindi ako nagsisinungaling talaga,” shared Lassy.

Prior to Sarap Mong Patayin, Lassy also landed a titular role in Viva’s To Love You. However, in his latest project, he admitted this was the most intense movie he had ever done yet.

Lassy is part of the online sensation Beks Batallion who just landed lead roles in Ang Manananggal na Nahahati ang Puso. While Chad Kinis and MC Calaquian were still waiting for their solo lead projects, Lassy already had his second.

Aside from Lassy and Kit, former beauty queen Ariella Arida and Bob Jbieli in Sarap Mong Patayin. It will be available for streaming on October 15 in Vivamax.

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