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‘Hoy Love You,’ ‘He’s Into Her,’ ‘First Yaya,’ series with a second season thanks to viewer’s clamor

These three series prove that fans have the power to help their favorite TV shows succeed. All they need is a little bit of passion and a lot of social media clamor.

The Philippine TV series format recently changed following our exposure to international content. Teleseryes now offer up more canned-episodic-type series meant for only one season. 

Some of the series that adopted this format received their green light for a second season. And, it’s all thanks to the clamor from viewers.

First off is the sitcom Hoy Love You. Following their success, Roxanne Guinoo-Yap and Joross Gamboa’s comeback project recently dropped their second season in iWant TFC. The series meant to last for only one season continues the story of the JoRox tandem in Hoy Love You Two. 

Their first season gave their audience warmth and charm that kept the viewers smiling from start to finish.

Now, the second season follows the story of Marge (Roxanne) and Jules (Joross) after their wedding and how they interact with their immediate family members, who often clash with one another while traversing the terrain of married life.

Another offering from iWant TFC, who probably got the most clamor for a second season on social media, is the kilig series, He’s Into Her. 

The series, starring Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, received so much success in its first season that it soared as one of the highest viewed content in iWantTFC and one of the more trending topics on social media. Their fans clamored for more with the hopes of the kilig series landing a second season. 

Their social media clamor led to one of the most attended virtual events in KTX.PH, the Benison Ball. After that, fans were in for a surprise when ABS-CBN heads confirmed He’s Into Her’s second season at the end of the concert.

Another series that recently received confirmation for a second season is First Yaya. Its first season raked in record-high TV ratings thanks to its charming casts, positively cheerful narrative, and trending TV moments. 

The first season’s ratings ranged between 17% to 24% during its run from March 2021 to July 2021. 

Thanks to the clamor from its fans, the top-rated GMA Network primetime teleserye finally received the green light for their second season with the cast led by Gabby Concepcion and Yaya Melody herself, Sanya Lopez, reprising their roles. Showrunners also teased fans with new characters joining the series.

These three series prove that fans have the power to help their favorite TV shows succeed. All they need is a little bit of passion and a lot of clamors.

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