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RAWR Awards 2021: How to vote and maximize points for your favorite nominees?

Fret no more, because we already have the answers for the frequently answered questions (FAQs) about RAWR Awards 2021.

The RAWR Awards season is here! Fans are going full-throttle to support their favorite nominees. Wondering how to make sure your votes get counted and how you can maximize vote points for your faves? 

Fret no more, because we already have the answers for the frequently answered questions (FAQs) about RAWR Awards 2021.

Where can I vote for my favorite nominee/s? (Saan puwede bumoto ng mga paborito kong nominado?)

Fans can vote via the official voting page. Visit and find the official voting page on the site’s menu. Browse through the major categories to reach the voting page for a specific category. 

If you are voting for Hasna Cabral as Beshie ng Taon, for example, click the Beshie ng Taon, subcategory. Once you reached the voting page, click on the button below the preferred nominee. Browse until the end of the nominees’ list to find the ‘VOTE’ button. Press it and wait for the acknowledgment or confirmation message. Once it’s confirmed, you will be asked if you want to see the partial results of the voting.

When can I start voting for my favorite nominee/s? (Kelan at hanggang kalian puwede bumoto?)

Voting started on October 18 and will end on November 28, 2021.

How many times can I vote? (Ilang beses ako puwedeng bumoto?)

You can cast a vote for every category, every six hours. That means you can give your preferred nominees a maximum of (4) votes each day.

Are there other ways to vote? (May iba pa bang paraan para bumoto?)

Yes. Fans can also give their favorite nominees vote points by reading articles about them published LionhearTV and its sister sites, Dailypedia and PH Entertainment. 

Click an article about your favorite nominees on these sites and read the full article. A counter check if a minimum time was spent by the reader on the page. Only articles read in full will give a vote point for the preferred nominee/s.

Fans can also use the search tab on the site to look for specific articles about their favorite nominees.

How are votes counted for artists with multiple nominations, on the article? (Paano binibilang ang boto ng mga artists na may higit sa isang nominasyon na nasa article?)

If an artist has multiple nominations, all the categories they are nominated for will receive one vote each.

What if the article is not just about one nominated artist? Which one gets the vote? (Paano naman kung ang article ay tungkol sa maraming nominadong artists? Kanino mapupunta ang boto?)

All the nominated artists on the article will get one point for every category they are nominated for. For example, an article about BINI, BGYO, and MNL48, will give them one point each for and for every category they are nominated for.

What if I refresh the page multiple times? Will that give my preferred nominee/s multiple points, too? (Paano kung irefresh ko nang irefresh ang page? Ganon kadaming points din ba makukuha ng nominado?)

Definitely, No. The system will detect if the reader is refreshing the page on purpose to generate votes. The reader must read the whole article from top to bottom to be able to generate one vote. Again, a system counter tracks the time spent by the reader on the page.

What if no articles about my preferred nominees are available? (Paano kung wala ako makitang article ng paborito kong nominado sa site?)

Fans can use the search tab to look for articles on LionhearTV, Dailypedia, and PH Entertainment. Clicking links on the search results will also give the searched nominee a vote point.

Can different users vote using the same device? (Puwede bang bumoto ang iba’t ibang users sa isang device?)

The system only recognizes one IP address per user. Users can take turns using the device, but the users must meet the minimum time on the page to generate one vote. So yes, multiple users can vote through the same device, but not at the same time, and only if the article is read in full.

How can I vote for my Fan Club through Twitter? (Paano makakaboto gamit ang Twitter?)

Fans can vote through Twitter by putting the required hashtags in their tweets, quote tweets, and reply tweets. For a tweet to generate a vote, fans should include two hashtags: #RAWRAWARDS2021 and the specified tweet for their preferred nominees (RAWR+keyword).

If you are voting for RitKen as Fan Club of the Year, for example, the hashtags that should be included in the tweet are, #RAWRAWARDS2021 and #RAWRRITKEN.

Are tweets, quote tweets, and reply tweets containing other hashtags counted? (Counted ba ang mga tweets na may kasamamg ibang hashtags?)

Yes, as long as the required hashtags are on the tweet.

Is a retweet counted as one vote? (Counted din ba ang pag-retweet as one vote?)

Definitely No. Only the original tweet, quote tweets, and reply tweets that contain the required hashtags are considered.

How are final votes counted? (Paano binibilang lahat ng votes?)

Final votes will come from three sources: 33.3% from online votes or those made through the official voting page and Twitter, 33.3% from search activities on LionhearTV, Dailypedia, and PH Entertainment, and another 33.3% from the blogging and PR communities.

Fast Tips to Maximize Voting:

  1. Maximize the official voting page. Remember to vote once in every six hours
  2. Don’t forget to read the articles in full.
  3. Maximize the search tab. Search for your favorite nominees and click all links produced by the search results, and read them in full.
  4. Do power tweeting, quote tweeting, and reply tweeting.
  5. Don’t forget to include the two required hashtags.

Ready to support your idols? Head now to our official voting page to cast your vote. Don’t forget to read all the articles about them, and tweet your Twitter followers to vote, too!

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