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Up-and-coming Kapamilya stars shine in PIE Channel’s official Station ID

PIE Channel, short for the Philippine Interactive Channel is officially online.

The station ID features the fastest-rising Kapamilya stars with new personalities–are all set to deliver the wonders of traditional and digital TV viewing.

PIE Channel, short for the Philippine Interactive Channel is officially online.

The new channel promises to combine the wonders of traditional and modern television, made its debut on Philippine television on Monday, May 23. It also went online on YouTube and on its official site,

Before the official channel launch, a station ID promoting and featuring the upcoming shows of the new channel, was released. Titled TagumPIE, the fun and energy-infused station ID featured some familiar and new faces alike.

Established Kapamilya stars with up-and-coming social media personalities made waves on the music video. Also, an irresistable choreography accompanied the vide that fans would surely love to trend on social media platforms.

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemates got spotted in the video, who have all gone supersized in their careers after just a few months since they exited the PBB house. KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad, a.k.a. KDLex, notably had several highlights in the 210-second music video. 

Eian Rances is one of the hosts of the channel’s modern incarnation of Pera o Bayong, and Ralph Malibunas, who hosts the talent-variety show, PIEGALINGAN, alongside fellow PBB alum Sam Bernardo, BidaMan Eris Aragoza, are also featured on TagumPIE.

Making their dance-and-sing skills shine, is the sensational P-POP girl group, BINI. The group performed the song alongside John Roa, Renee Dominique, and KDLex.

Former MNL48 member Sela Guia, is likewise making a bright splash via PIESILOG, as the show’s resident ‘Kikay’. She is joined by BoybandPH member, Tristan Ramirez, as well as by Jae Miranda and Eryka Lucas.

Guia’s fellow MNL48-er Abby Trinidad, social media stars Ruth Paga, Sunshine Teodoro, Patsy Reyes, Coco Cordero, and Inah Evans–all looked prepared and enjoyed their new roles as presenters of the interactive program, BARANGAY PIE. It offers comic, off-center way of delivering news and current affairs.

Available to 11 million households nationwide, PIE Channel can be watched on cable and free TV through Sky Cable and BEAM TV, respectively. Online, it’s accessible via the channel’s YouTube account that offers a live feed of its programs.

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