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Did Bayani Agbayani throw shade at overtime issue of ‘It’s Showtime’?

Agbayani then earned the ire of netizens, specially It’s Showtime supporters because of his sarcastic statement. 

Bayani Agbayani recently created a buzz online after netizens alleged that he threw tirades against It’s Showtime for being overtime. 

On July 16, It’s Showtime, and Tropang LOL (Lunch Out Loud) started airing back-to-back on TV5 but the latter adjusted its timeslot to pre-noontime, 11:00 am. 

Two days after their first airing on TV5, netizens appealed to the network to extend the airing time of It’s Showtime. It was because the show was cut off from airing on July 18 for exceeding its schedule. 

Following this overtime of It’s Showtime, Agbayani, during Tropang LOL’s July 20 episode, greeted their director and mentioned that their show never exceeded schedule, seemingly throwing shade at It’s Showtime. 

Agbayani then earned the ire of netizens, especially It’s Showtime supporters, because of his sarcastic statement.

Netizens claimed that being overtime has been part of It’s Showtime’s culture because the host’s exchange banters and spiels that make the show more entertaining.

Some netizens then compared the quality of Lunch Out Loud to It’s Showtime. 

This collaboration of A2Z and TV5 aims to expand the viewership of both noontime programs to compete with Kapuso shows dominating the rating chart. 

However, despite the optimistic goals of the networks, this back-to-back seemed to have developed a rift between the two shows. Did Agbayani really target It’s Showtime with his statement? 

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