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  • Kathryn Bernardo: Queen at 26, and beyond

    The star of the upcoming primetime series, 2 Good 2 Be True, keeps her crown as the most successful actress of her generation. Kathryn Bernardo has been on teleserye hiatus for nearly five years now and will end once her highly-anticipated comeback, 2 Good 2 Be True, debuts very soon.  The series also marks the return of KathNiel, the […] More

  • RAWR Mag: The Amazing Road to Fame of Rising Multimedia Star, Kyline Alcantara

    Alcantara has victoriously hurdled the challenges of changing her home network, from ABS-CBN to GMA Network, as she is now without a question, one of the most bankable Kapuso teen artists, whose humongous talent will expedite her journey towards becoming her generation’s biggest young stars. From her very memorable role the antihero on the ABS-CBN […] More

  • RAWR MAG: BGYO’s Nate Porcalla on His Biggest Stage yet

    Now performing on his biggest stage yet, Nate bares it all, not hiding any more ounce of his impeccable artistry from his biggest audience ever. Adapted to performing and blowing spectators away, Nate now showcases his unbelievable talent in front of his biggest audience, on his biggest stage, yet. As he went through an arduous […] More

  • RAWR Mag: Jennylyn Mercado, GMA Network’s Ultimate Star

    New showbiz aspirants can take inspiration from Mercado, who has gone from merely a striving newbie to a showbiz royalty.  When Mercado was 16 years old, she joined GMA Network’s nationwide artista search, Starstruck, and won. As they say ‘the rest was history.’  She became one of her Network’s most prized possessions, and one of the […] More

  • RAWR Mag: Marian Rivera, GMA Network’s Queen of all Queens

    Marian Rivera is GMA Network’s Queen of Queens.  The actress, best known for playing the title role on the first Filipino adaptation of the Latinovela classic., MariMar,’keeps her place as her home Network’s most prized possession, despite her ongoing hiatus to fulfill her motherly and wife duties.  She is undoubtedly the bigger star there is–the […] More

  • RAWR MAG: Glaiza de Castro, GMA Network’s Versatile Drama Royalty

    A rare case of talent and beauty in one body, de Castro relentlessly showcased her immense artistic capacity in compellingly portraying challenging roles through the years. It is not at all surprising why Glaiza de Castro lands great roles one after another: she is a versatile artist, capable of pulling off an array of challenging […] More

  • Maja Salvador’s iconic roles on television made her a Drama Royalty

    In the many drama series and movies, Maja Salvador showcased her versatility as an actress, for the past two decades. She’s drama royalty. Mostly, she is known as the revenge drama queen and displayed her flexibility in many genres. Salvador’s golden moments on television are bannered through the biggest roles she played in a drama […] More

  • RAWR Mag: Gelo Rivera, BGYO’s Charismatic Frontman

    Sped-up by its overwhelmingly talented five members, led by its completely able, bold, and fearless leader Gelo Rivera–BGYO’s meteoric surge to stardom. After their group’s relentless conquer in the global music charts—the most sensational of which, being Billboard’s Next Big Sound and Pandora’s Prediction charts—BGYO’s forward momentum is only anticipated to get faster. Following the […] More

  • RAWR Mag: The Zero-to-Hero Journey of BGYO’s JL Toreliza

    Now a member of one of the country’s fastest-rising P-POP acts, BGYO, JL Toreliza had to first traverse an arduous path before having his spotlight. Born John Lloyd Toreliza, JL is a 19-year-old vocal charmer from Naic, Cavite, who has barely spent a year in his still juvenile but fast-developing recording career. Undoubtedly, he is […] More

  • KathNiel: A Phenomenal Pair for Today’s Generation

    It’s rare for an onscreen tandem to keep its massive popularity for years, yet, there is one that remains strong in their league even after a decade of lording the world of love teams—that is no other than, KathNiel. The Pair to Beat. KathNiel is the love team to beat. With their practically uninterrupted streak […] More

  • RAWR Mag: Erich Gonzales’ reflects the Beautiful Face of ‘Karma’

    Erich Gonzales has returned to primetime television, taking on a role that has already made a number of actresses household names. Through her starring roles in several top-rating TV dramas like Katorse, Maria la del Barrio, Two Wives, and Be My Lady–Gonzales’s unmissable star quality is only getting more evident by the minute. Richard Somes, who directed her sophomore starring […] More

  • RAWR MAG: BGYO aces P-Pop Stardom bid in a Blazing Pace

    The biggest stars to emerge in both the local and global entertainment scene have mostly taken years to stake their claim to industry domination. When one thinks about BGYO, the all-male group is not around for at least a year, but they have achieved so much. The tide remains high with breakout P-Pop group—BGYO, as […] More

  • RAWR Mag: BINi blooms in Maturity and Diversity

    The stage is set for the fast-rising octet, BINi to conquer the global arena with their distinctive P-Pop sound that embodies their idea of the modern Filipina. The conception of one of today’s most promising all-female P-Pop acts, BINi, came from an utterly inspired vision–that young Filipino women are sweet, fierce, independent, and informed. This […] More

  • RAWR Mag: Daniel Padilla and His Reign as the Box Office King

    There is power in the name ‘Padilla’ that empowers anybody who carries it and makes it big in the local entertainment scene with such ease.  However, a powerful last name does not seal an aspiring actor’s long-term success. Longevity is always a product of talent, discipline, and connections. Not too many breakthrough talents were able […] More