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Angelica Panganiban from Becky to Claudia: What makes her Iconic Characters unforgettable?

When God sent an angel from above, we are not expecting to see this angel on TV. She give us happiness and fierce character. The angel, is no other than Angelica Panganiban.

She dominated not just on TV but also on silver screens with her different characters. From teenybopper to mature roles, with multiple nominations and awards. A truly talented actress that you won’t forget for the rest of your life.

She started on “Ang TV” in early 90’s, but made us remember her childhood days when she played “Becky” in “Sarah, “Ang Munting Prinsesa”. We were all smitten by how chubby and cute she looks while living in the school attic as an orphaned maid. The movie was shot in Scotland and made her and Camille Pratts (played Sarah) become friends.


As she grew older, Angelica was team up with Carlo Aquino and eventually became her first love. There first team-up was in youth-oriented shows “G-mik” and “Berks”, were they started dating and fall in love off-cam. The chemistry between the two is just too real that it reflects on all their shows. The relationship ended last 2003.


Saying goodbye to teenyboppy role, Panganiban made a huge leap when she turned 18 years old. She landed a lead and the title role in the movie, “Santa Santita”. She played as intercessor who confronts the evil within her life.

The movie gained her three (3) Best Actress nominations – FAMAS, FAP Luna, and ENPRESS Golden Screen Awards.


Aside from being good in drama, Panganiban showed her other side by playing the iconic characters like Lorelie (Komiks Presents: Si Piolo at si Lorelei), Aura (Rounin), and Krissy (Banana Split). She showed her prowess in swimming as a mermaid, and her martial arts skill as the warrior of Passion and Love in Rounin, and would forget how she imitates the Presidential sister, Kris Aquino in her Banana Split show?

Being in drama and comedy makes Angelica versatile actress.


Moreover, bringing her funny side doesn’t show only on TV screens. She brought this talent on silver screens and she didn’t fail to make the viewers laugh. Remember Stefanie in “Here Comes the Bride” and Estelle in “Beauty in the Bottle”. Angelica just proves that no matter what her weight is, she would still rock the world.


Showing her versatility for years, it wouldn’t be complete if she did not show her “other” assets. Apparently, doing sexy roles that time is not new for Angelica. As long as it justifies the character. Remember in 2010 when she made everyone sweat by his hotness on red dress as Rubi? How about the one she did in the TV series Apoy sa Dagat? And never underestimate her charm as Scarlett (Iisa Pa Lamang) and Jacqueline (One More Try).


What Angelica cannot do is impossible to determine. Even from the most simplest role like Mace (That Thing Called Tadhana), Angelica always excels. It gave her the Best Actress awards and the movie was penned as the highest grosser Filipino independent film.

S0, never underestimate the power of Angelica Panganiban.


Last but not the least is the newest iconic character, she played as Madam  Claudia (Pangako Sa’yo). Since she started doing the role, Angelica became more aggressive in answering her bashers.

Just to give a point,  even it gets negative comments from the viewers and readers. She still smile and do what she think is best for her character. For Angelica negative comments, proves that she is very effective in playing Madam Claudia.


The role, I guess, allows her to transform her wardrobe simultaneously which is exciting. Anyway, whatever she puts on, she still looks like an angel.



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