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After 2 years of being together again, Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin have called it quits

Another popular celebrity couple have called it quits. According to Ricky Lo’s Funfare column at PhilStar today, “Pilipinas Got Talent” (PGT) host Luis Manzano and “Everything About Her” star Angel Locsin have split up. Ricky cited an “unimpeachable” source for the sad news.


The breakup happened only three weeks after Luis and Angel came back from their U.S. vacation. As usual, there is no definite reason why the two ended their 2-year relationship. There is no third-party, according to Lo.

(Insert by Editor) I can still remember two years ago during the presscon of “The Legal Wife” when Angel admitted to us that they’re back together as couple. Below is our interview with Angel.

Could it be conflicts in their personalities? But Luis and Angel looked so perfect as a couple, right?

The topic about Luis and Angel’s breakup became hot when during episode of PGT last Sunday, Angel cried on a dance performance of a couple. She became very emotional on the show. What was that all about? Was Angel crying because her relationship with Luis was flashing right in front of her? Was she sad about her breakup with Luis? Many fans of Angel and Luis were at a lost.

During that same Sunday episode of PGT, when Angel was crying, Luis went to Angel and tried to comfort her. He even uttered, “I love you, OK.”, while holding Angel’s face. As a fan, Luis’s message was heartbreaking. From there, you know something different’s going on in their relationship.

Until now, neither Luis nor Angel had said anything about the break-up. Is it possible that they are trying to fix things up between them?

Luis and Angel’s relationship is accepted by both of their families. They have even introduced their own families to each other and shared these “family pictures” on social media. Some speculated at that time, that they would probably settle anytime, soon.

Given that, a lot of people were surprised about the latest break-up news of Angel and Luis. What a heartbreaker for fans of the lovely couple.

We hope all the best for Angel and Luis, may each one of them find true happiness in the end.


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