10 Reasons Why Liza Soberano is Perfect to Fly in the Modern Version of “Darna”

“TV Patrol” has just confirmed that actress Liza Soberano is the newest Darna.

Prior to the announcement, a Philippine Star article of Ricky Lo circulated on social media last week; it was also picked up by our team. But now that Star Cinema and ABS-CBN have finally bestowed the legendary white stone to Liza, let us take a look for the 10 reasons why she is the perfect modern “Darna” who will ever fly.

1. She’s got an innocent-looking feature…

INNOCENT: Liza could be the most-innocent-looking Narda we could ever have

Liza is the perfect human form for the iconic superheroine, who’s name is Narda, as she perfectly executed innocent roles like the character of Agnes in “Forevermore” and Serena in “Dolce Amore”.

2. …but could be fierce anytime.

BOLDER: Liza can show her fierce side anytime she desires

Like the fiercest superheroine in the Philippines, Liza could also show her belligerent-looking side — like this brand photoshoot.

3. She is physically sexy…

PHYSICALLY FIT: The Kapamilya actress does not need to wear revealing dress to emphasize her curvy body

The Kapamilya actress does not need to show off a lot of skin to look sexy because she can slay anyone even with a simple fabric. How much more when she wear the iconic red-and-white costume?

4. …with a heart!

THOUGHTFUL: Liza with the lolas of Anawim for her birthday birthday parties

Beauty and sexiness are not the only key features of Darna. The Pinay superhero is also a thoughtful and friendly one. Like Darna, Liza is very fond of our Kababayans, especially the children and elders in need. Last year, the actress celebrated her 18th birthday by holding 4 charity events.

5. She is versatile.

VERSATILE: ALTA Media Icon Awards hailed Liza as the Best Actress for a Film in 2016

Since she got her first major role in 2014, the 19-year-old has proven herself as one of today’s best actresses. In fact, in a span of 3 years since she got a lead role, Liza has accumulated 4 Best Actress awards from different award ceremonies.

Now that she will be playing the role of a superheroine, Liza can surely portray it effortlessly.

6. And one of the most-popular stars to date.

POPULAR: Liza has proven to be so popular as she (together with Enrique Gil) was welcomed by thousands of fans at Star Mall Alabang during “My Ex and Whys” mall tour

With more than 5.7 million followers on Instagram, Liza is undeniably the one and only princess of social media — second to Anne Curtis, who is rumored to play a villain in the much-awaited movie. With this kind of popularity, Liza could put Darna’s fame into a new level.

7. Liza is definitely a box-office star.

THE NEXT BOX-OFFICE QUEEN: “My Ex and Whys” grossed more than P341 million worldwide, as per Star Cinema

Speaking of movie, her latest film with Enrique Gil, “My Ex and Whys”, grossed more than P341 million worldwide — making it the highest-grossing Filipino film in the Philippines this 2017… so far. And with Liza as the new Darna, the epic film will surely become as successful as her previous flick.

8. She’s naturally beautiful. Deal with it.

FLAWLESS: TC Candler congratulates Liza for being the second most-beautiful living female celebrity in 2016

With her indubitable beauty, the Kapamilya star makes it to top 2 of The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2016 by UK-based TC Candler’s Independent Critics.

Hence, “Darna” could be the most-beautiful superheroine in the world.

9. She is loved by critics.

ONE OF THE BESTS: Liza instantly got the attention of critics with her performance in “Everyday, I Love You” in 2015

Since she became enormously popular in 2014, critics saw the potential of Liza as one of the most talented actresses in showbiz industry.

For example, her performance in 2015 film “Everyday, I Love You” received rave reviews from the critics; Peter Asilo of Philippine Daily Inquirer said, “Soberano’s acting choices may need more texture and refinement—but, at only 17, lovely Liza is quickly coming into her own as a fine actress.”

And now that Liza has improved in many ways, “Darna” might not just receive rave reviews from the critics locally. Who knows? International critics might appreciate the superheroine eventually.

10. Most importantly, she is dedicated to her job.

DEDICATED: Liza wants people to remember her for her confidence and courage to take new roles for her career

Although she has one of the most beautiful faces in showbiz, the Kapamilya actress does not want people to remember her by her pretty face.

In one of her interviews, the newly crowned “Darna” said she wants to be recognized for her confidence and courage to take new roles in her career. Like Darna, Liza is not afraid to take responsibility — a spirit of any actors should possess.

READY TO FLY: Liza has accepted the role of Darna

We can’t wait to see Liza Soberano in the big screen soon. Like most of you, we are very excited to see how the modern version of the superheroine will shout “Darna!”

Congratulations to Liza Soberano!



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