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Maymay Entrata thanks bashers: “Hindi ako makakarating kung nasaan ako ngayon kung wala sila.”

  • Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber spoke out about cyber bullying.
  • Maymay thanks her bashers, “Hindi ako makakarating kung nasaan ako ngayon kung wala sila.”
  • Edward also added a message for their supporters. 

Despite their heavy following, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber still have a handful of bashers. They also gave statements about cyberbullying and messages to their supporters.

According to Edward, “The worst thing that anyone can ever experience is getting their family and friends bashed for no reason. That’s probably the hardest thing to read because you know your family didn’t do anything wrong and they’re getting that treatment because of you.”

Maymay also added that bashers shouldn’t bother her. As long as her faith in God remains strong and she doesn’t  hurt another person.

“In God’s mirror, we are all perfect. Ano pa ba ang ipapakita mo sa kanila kung ang importante naman ay kung ano ka sa Kanya?”

Edward also stated that he and Maymay already learned to accept the truth rather than the opinion of others who don’t even know them.

“For example, one million people say ‘Edward, you’re the worst actor ever, but one director says I’m getting better, bahala na ‘yung one million.”

Maymay added that she would actually like to thank the bashers.

“Nagpapasalamat ako sa dahil hindi ako makakarating kung nasaan ako ngayon kung wala sila.”

Moreover, Edward further remarked, for their supporters:

“Everyone has their own strength. Those who are trying to pull you down are usually the people who haven’t found it yet.”


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