When JP met Angelo: A Whirlwind Romance turned into a Life-Long Commitment

Love is defined in many splendored ways and these two individuals have had perceived it differently as well. John Paulo Caparros, a PR man and Angelo Teves, a marketing executive found themselves on a dating site, back in 2017. It was a Monday and a holiday.

Caparros saw Teves’s profile first. He thought that he’s another guy looking for a casual hook up. He messaged him online and he replied. They chatted and the latter asked for the former’s number.

John Paulo’s impression on Angelo’s voice when he finally called was too manly. That probably have drawn him to this guy who shares a lot of commonalities with him.

Appreciating Similarities, Respecting Differences.

According to Caparros, he and Teves ran in the same circle of friends. That is just one of the many similarities they have. It made their first phone conversation even more interesting, which led the latter to ask him out for a date.

Both of them loves traveling, dining out and shopping especially hoarding on pairs of shoes. They have a room full of their footwear collections.

Being born in different zodiac signs, JP being a Capricorn values boundaries and Angelo as an Aquarius values freedom.

He admits, “I am more emotional but he’s practical and logical.”

But, no matter what their differences are—they have come to respect those. After a month of dating exclusively; they became an item. Three months later, Angelo proposed to him on August 12 last year in Okada Manila.

August 12 2017,Marks the most enchanted night of my life.So ikwekwento ko nalang.A week from now my partner is…

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As a couple, both knew their differences and have learned to adjust to their ‘individuality’.

Angelo points, “You have to accept, adjust and compromise, otherwise it will not work.”

From Failed Relationships to Finding their ‘Forever’.

Who would ever think that two men who had ‘too many’ failed relationships, would one day meet and decide to enter into marriage?

Caparros shares that him living alone in the Metro, “I crave for somebody I can be with and share moments with.”

Meanwhile, Teves who had decided to stay single for a year after his failed relationships, in fact, he introduced a new guy almost every year to his family and friends.

“I think they got tired of it. John was ‘unexpected’ to me, ‘utterly unprecendented’. But you know, if the ‘ONE’ comes along, it is not a matter of when, but who,” confesses Angelo.

Both fell in love with each other for different reasons that complement them as individuals. Despite their age, they just hit it well.

Caparros describes his better half as “Para siyang chocolate mallows. Hard ball outside but softy inside. He’s a strong-minded man. He is very much in touch with his emotions and processes them. If a person doesn’t process his emotions. That makes him a very logical and practical person.”

That made him fall in love with Teves.

And Angelo says about JP, “He is loyal and he’s my partner in crime.”

83 Days and a Wedding in New York.

Almost three months of being lovers, Teves proposed to Caparros, which led to a wedding in New York.

“Today, I have loved you 83 days. At this point, when you realized you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. I wanna marry you because you are the first person I wanna look at when I wake up in the morning, and the only one I wanna kiss good night. But mainly, when you love someone as much as I love you, getting married is the only thing left to do. So, will you, marry me?

“I promise to take care of you for the rest of my life. I love you,” says Angelo.

First of all, Thank you to our wonderful family and friends for your love, support, and generosity. Our wedding day was…

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On December 26, JP married him in New York’s Central Park.

Though Caparros is vocal about not dreaming of getting married prior to meeting Teves, in fact, he thought that he’ll die alone or die with lots of dogs in his unit. But when the latter proposed to him, it gave him hope. And hope to other members of the LGBTQIAPK community.

Why New York? JP was quick to respond, “I mean why not? Minsan na nga lang ikasal eh di go extreme. Go big or go home.”

Since he grew up in London and he’s been accustomed to winter; that trip to New York was the ideal place to say their ‘I Dos’ since gay marriage is accepted and accredited there.

“I told myself I will marry there, in Central Park, like in the movies,” Angelo echoes the idea.

Even if theirs is a whirlwind love story, coming from different experiences and lessons in their respective previous relationships—made them the person they are now and forged a life-long commitment with each other.

Angelo realized that it showed him how he should appreciate himself more and be more logical most of the time. He says, “It taught me the correct way to disagree, as well as the incorrect way. It made me understand my breaking point. It taught me that I am more than capable of being romantic. It taught me that I can survive the worst situations imaginable, to live with the decisions I made, and taught me how to build myself back up.”

John, on the other hand, became stronger [and immune] in many aspects of life’s blows and shares, “When you love someone give all your best. Para pag iniwan ka at sinubukan kang palitan. Hindi ka magsisisi at least you did your best. Para sa huli wala akong pinag sisisihan na. Sana ginawa ko ito. Sana ginawa ko yun. I also learned that being into a failed one means taking my time in deciding how my life must become and who I want to spend it with.”



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