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Netizens react on Kris Aquino’s below-the-belt comment about Korina Sanchez

  • Kris Aquino apologized to people she dragged in her personal battle against James Yap and Korina Sanchez.
  • Kris’ original caption offended many netizens who couldn’t conceive their own child.
  • She edited the said caption. 

Kris Aquino recently apologized to her brother Noynoy Aquino, President Rodrigo Duterte and Mar Roxas for dragging them into her own personal issues. She also recently slammed James for not being present in Bimby’s life.

Two days after such post, Korina Sanchez produced a Rated K feature depicting James as a good family man.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Kris also wrote that she felt stepped on by a person with a devoted husband who doesn’t go through raising someone alone.

However, the way she worded it strikes as too offensive to many especially people who couldn’t conceive on their own.

Kris’ original caption offended many netizens. In the said caption, she remarked that she unleashed a double-edged sword. She continued that she has already made some enemies. However, Kris found support from fellow mothers who take a stand for themselves and their children. She also tensed that she will be fighting back for her sons. She admitted that she has her own personal demons that she needs to face.

“But i will not delete any posts because my anger comes from the heart of a mother who has been unnecessarily stepped on by someone who hasn’t had the privilege of motherhood..”

After reading a few of the hurt comments from her followers, Kris changed the said caption. She also apologized for including politics on the matter. However, she explained that politics will always follow her because of the baggage of her last name. She, then, continued to apologize to her brother, the current president and the former presidential candidate.

“But i will not delete any posts because my anger comes from the heart of a mother who has been unnecessarily stepped on by someone who has been blessed w/ a loving & devoted husband & does not know the hardship of having to go it alone (rewritten after some prayers)…”

One netizen, then, left a comment on her post. The said netizen also wrote how much the previous caption made her feel sick.

“Hasnt has the privilege of motherhood is way below the belt. I cannot. I feel like puking reading this. Mas dadami makakaaway mo sa sentence na to. This is just too low Kris. Ang sakit sa puso yong linya.”

Kris, then, responded that she re-wrote the caption after much prayers.

“no need to puke- I rewrote w/ compassion.”

Another netizen remarked how Kris was angry when someone stepped on her as a mother. They also continued that she said hurtful words against someone who will never be one.

“Hasn’t had the privilege of motherhood… ouch. You’re angry because you’ve been stepped on as a mother, and yet you said those hurtful words to someone who will never be one. You’re still lucky to have been blessed with two kids. I think saying those words are not necessary.”

One netizen responded and agreed with the other. However, they slammed Kris on demeaning Korina who can’t have a kid on her own. They also commended Korina for loving her stepson as her own.

“just because hurt ka or Hindi ka magkamove on and you are blessed with kids doesn’t mean you have the right to demean people who can’t have kids. That woman loves her step son as her own. She is more a mother than you are na inilalayo ang loob ng anak sa sarili niyang ama. Asan po ang breeding na lagi Mong kiniclaim na Meron ka.”

Another netizen also pointed out how ironic it actually is. Kris felt slapped as a mother yet she did the same thing to Korina.

“yes this is too much. Its ironic that @krisaquino is shouting about being slapped in the face but here she is doing the same thing to Ms Korina. But yeah, i hope that you will find your peace ms kris. I really do.”

One netizen agreed and hoped Kris will just be thankful for being blessed with two great sons. They also noted that many dreams of being a mother but can’t be one.

“ur ryt..jst be thankful coz ur blessed to became a mother but dont insult the others that dont have a child coz everyone of us dream to be a mother”

Another netizen also shared how much it hurts not to be given an opportunity to have their own child.

“ang sakit dahil hindi ka na nga nabihyan ng pag kakataong mag kaanak”


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