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Suzette Doctolero lectures anew on ‘Adaptation, Inspiration and a Copycat’

  • Doctolero shares her thoughts on how Filipino audience should view an adaptation, an inspiration and a copied material
  • She defended a previous GMA series ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ and the currently running show ‘The Cure’
  • Lashed on audiences who are ‘Memas’ (short for ‘me masabi lang’ or who are just like ‘noisy gongs’)

Just today, May 14, Suzette Doctolero once again made a statement via her facebook post and sounded like she was scolding the viewers who do not understand the definition of the words—adaptation, inspiration and a copied version of a previous literary material.

First, she made mention her work; the controversial—‘Alyas Robin Hood’ which had a year and two more months (September 2016 to Novermber 2017) on Philippine television; starring Dingdong Dantes, but never defeated its rival show that is based on the late Fernando Poe Jr.’s 1997 film of the same title, courtesy of FPJ Productions—‘Ang Probinsyano’ and featuring Coco Martin in the lead role.

It can be remembered that Netizens accused Doctolero of copying the 2012 American superhero television series—‘Arrow’ developed by writer-producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg. It is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, a costumed crime-fighter created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp. The said series premiered in 2012 and is still on its sixth season and will air its latest episode on May 17.

Suzette, being the creator of the said local series insisted that her ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ is NOT a copycat of the ‘Arrow’ and even quoted what CNN Philippines’ view about the series and wrote that it did not copy the foreign series.

Words synonymous to adaptation are alteration, modification, redesign, remodeling, revamping, reworking, reconstruction, conversion; to which she was able to justify through her work. She pointed that her creation was based on the story of a heroic outlaw named ‘Robin Hood’, a champion of the common people fighting against injustice.

Doctolero, also defended a current show called ‘The Cure’, a concept written by Dode Cruz, which the Netizens have perceived to be another ‘Walking Dead’; which she thought is NOT.

She scolded the critical Netizens to watch the series prior to passing any judgment.

“Teka muna, bawal bang gumawa ng zombie series? E kung bawal, paano ang ibang foreign series at movies na zombies din ang sentro ng mga kuwento? Bat di nyo rin tirahin na kopya? Dyan tayo magaling e. Pag dayuhan ang gumawa, tofo praise. Pag Pinoy, kahi8t di napanood, mema agad na kopya. (Note: wag mag judge kungdi napanood. Kung gusto mong magsalita against it, panoorin muna).”

A material that is inspired by a previous material is not also an act of copying, but simply uses it as a stimulus.

Furthermore, she pointed that a copied material is, “Tahasan at walang kahihiyang pagnanakaw ng kuwento mula sa original source. Babaguhin lang ang title, pangalan at saka konting twist sa kwento, presto, akala ay nago na. Yan po ang nakaw.”


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