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10 Reasons Why We’re In Love With JoshLia’s “I Love You, Hater”

  • Still undecided whether you’re gonna watch “I Love You, Hater” starring Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia and Ms. Kris Aquino?
  • We’ll give you 10 Reasons Why You Have To Watch It NOW!

Everyone is already talking about Star Cinema and ABS-CBN Films’ latest romantic comedy film, “I Love You, Hater” starring the phenomenal love team of Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, with the Queen Of All Media Ms. Kris Aquino. The film is directed by Giselle Andres, the same woman behind the success of “Loving In Tandem. The film follows Joko (played by Joshua Garcia), a boy trying to help his family survive, and Zoey (Julia Barretto), a girl hoping to prove herself to the world. Opportunity rises when Sasha Imperial (Kris Aquino) announced that she is looking for a new personal assistant. Just one catch – they have to compete against each other.

Haven’t seen the film? We give you 10 Reasons Why We’re Loving “I Love You, Hater” and why you have to watch it now!

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10. Director Giselle Andres’ awesome direction.

After seeing her previous work, “Loving In Tandem” starring Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber which was released in September 2017, I was already looking forward to see director Giselle Andres’ next project. And when it was announced that she will be directing JoshLia’s next movie, I got so excited.

Now, after seeing her work on “I Love you, Hater”, she have proven once again that she can indeed create magic with her superb direction. She was elicit the chemistry between Joshua and Julia, and bring out the best in Ms. Kris Aquino.

9. It’s a Movie Full of Lessons in Life.

The film is all about honesty and the importance of living a life the full. In the film, Joko is forced to lie to his own family and tells them that he is working abroad, even though he is stuck here in the Philippines in a low-paying job. Zoey, on the other hand, hates people lying to her after her father abandoned them for his other family. “Ang pinaka-ayoko, yung sinungaling. Sinungaling kagaya ng tatay ko. Kasi ayokong maging sinungaling katulad niya. And I told you how much I hate being part of a lie,” Zoey tells Joko. The movie shows us that sometimes, being honest may be the best way to live a happy life. And Joko ends up learning this the hard way. In short, #SaTrueLang.

Image courtesy by Star Cinema | YouTube
Image courtesy by Star Cinema | YouTube

8. Quotable Quotes from the Film.

There’s a lot of memorable lines from the film that we really love. From Zoey’s hugot, “Sorry na kung hindi ako kapost-post for the world to see”, Sasha’s motto in life, “Always say yes. Never say never. Live life to the fullest” to Joko’s beki advice, “Kapag ang buhay magulo, i-check mo sa ibang anggulo!

There’s also some quotable lines from the film that will perfectly match your next Facebook or Instagram post like “If you can’t be honest to yourself, how can you be honest to the one you love?” and “You can’t force someone to love you. You can only force yourself to keep loving.”

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7. Joshua Garcia’s Beki Moments.

Joshua Garcia really nailed his portrayal of the beki version of Joko. From his looks to the way he moves, everything was perfect. His funny quips completed his transformation. “Isara ang bibig, bawal umibig!” But our favorite: “Kumain ka ng torta, para lumaki kang borta!”.

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6. Kris Aquino’s Best Performance Yet.

Yes. We therefore conclude that this is Ms. Kris Aquino’s best performance yet in a movie. Kris has already mentioned that she put a lot of her energy and  effort in playing the role of Sasha and it clearly shows in her most emotional moments in the film which we’ll be discussing later. Plus, her character somehow reflects her in real life. No wonder her portrayal of Sasha was so realistic and genuine.

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5. JoshLia’s Most Kilig-filled Movie Yet.

As compared to their past films “Vince, Kath & James” and “Love You to the Stars and Back”, we can say that this is really JoshLia’s most kilig-filled movie to date. Giselle Andres and the writers made sure that there’s plenty of moments for the two to bring the kilig onscreen which will definitely please fans.

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4. Sasha and her Father’s Heartbreaking Moment.

As mentioned earlier, this is Kris Aquino’s most emotional role yet. And she proved that she is not only good in making audiences scream in terror. She also proved it this film that she can also make you guys cry. In one of the film’s best scenes was with her father (played by Ronaldo Valdez) who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. That scene will definitely break your heart.

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3. Zoey and Joko’s Most Unforgettable Scene.

There’s a lot of great scenes this movie featuring Zoey and Joko’s kilig moments. But their most unforgettable scene would be that of Zoey admitting her feelings for Joko. That scene proved Julia Barretto is capable of carrying such range of emotions. You can really feel the pain what her character is going through her lines, “Sorry ha? Hindi ko na kasi napigilan ang sarili kong mahalin ka. Kahit na paulit-ulit kong sinasabi sa sarili ko na, Hoy, Puso! Pwede bang iba na lang? Kasi hindi ka na nga pwedeng mahalin ng sarili mong tatay tapos magmamahal ka ngayon ng taong hindi ka kayang mahalin.” That scene was priceless.

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2. Kris Aquino’s Big Screen Comeback.

Another big reason why we really love this film is because it marks the return of the Queen of All Media, Ms. Kris Aquino on the big screen. It’s been a long time since we last saw her in a movie and through this film–this proved to her best comeback vehicle. Now, we can’t wait as she is set to appear in the Hollywood film “Crazy Rich Asians” soon.


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1. It’s JoshLia. Period.

Come on. Obviously, the biggest reason why we love this movie is–we can’t get enough of Joshua and Julia. And “I Love You, Hater” is the perfect movie to satisfy the silent JoshLia fan inside you. Definitely, highly recommended.

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