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Sofia Andres returns from the dead in “Bagani”

  • Sofia Andres returns from the dead in “Bagani”
  • To the shock of viewers

Sofia Andres shocked viewers of “Bagani” once again after her return to the show as her character Mayari, who rose from the dead last Tuesday (July 17).

This time, however, she is turning against the Baganis and fighting for the forces of evil as the newest minion of Malaya (Kristine Hermosa).  The goddess, who is plotting to destroy the Baganis, has ordered Mayari to kill Lakas (Enrique Gil), which Malaya anticipates will trigger the release of Ganda’s (Liza Soberano) dark powers.

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Its hashtag #BAGANIPrOppose trended on Twitter, where netizens expressed their surprise with Mayari’s return. @john_dante4 was only able to tweet “OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!!” Meanwhile, @AlvinAcayen tried to guess the new direction of the character. He tweeted, “Sofia Andres as Mayari is back guys. But this time, to the dark side?” @ULTIMATE_LQFANB tweeted a praise for the showrunners saying, “If this was planned since day 1 then props to sir mark. Brining back Mayari was unexpected and honestly a pleasant surprise.” 

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It has been a few months since Sofia was last seen on TV after the surprising death of Mayari, the first Bagani of the sea region. How will the Baganis react to Mayari’s return? Will Malaya succeed in her plans?

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