Online Universe: “It’s Showtime” launches 3 new digital shows on YouTube

  • “It’s Showtime” launches three digital shows on their YouTube channel “Showtime Online Universe.”
  • The three shows are “And I Thank You,” “Hashtag Roadtrip,” and “Donna What To Do.”
  • They are also preparing for this year’s “Magpasikat” as part of the show’s annual tradition.

ABS-CBN’s noontime show “It’s Showtime” is celebrating its ninth anniversary and with it, the show will be launching three new digital shows on YouTube.

The said digital shows will be featuring the all-men group Hashtags, “Miss Q&A” first winner Juliana Parizcova Segovia, and the “Funny One” grand winner Dona Cariaga.

The three shows will be posted under the YouTube channel “Showtime Online Universe” that aims to do only one thing – bring good vibes!

“Miss Q&A” queen Juliana will talk to viewers using her admirable wits in her own show “And I Thank You” happening every Tuesday at 5 PM.

The Hashtags boys will bring a sense of adventure as they go around craving for travel, food, lifestyle and “kilig” in their own show “Hashtag Roadtrip” every Wednesday at 5 PM.

On Thursday at 5 PM, Donna will take over with her very own “Donna What To Do” with her funny “hugot” lines.

Meanwhile, as part of “It’s Showtime’s” anniversary tradition, the hosts are also preparing for this year’s jaw-dropping performances in “Magpasikat” showcasing their hidden talents via crazy acts.

This year’s teams are:

  • Anne Curtis and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla with Jameson, Ryle, Tom, Kid, Sammie, and Kamille
  • Jugs and Teddy with Zeus, Vito, Maru, Mica, and Joana
  • Karylle and Jhong Hilario with Ronnie, Jimboy, Rayt, Chienna, and Jessica
  • Vhong Navarro and Ryan Bang with Nikko, CK, Paulo, Dawn, and Maika
  • Vice Ganda and Amy Perez with McCoy, Luke, Wilbert, Krissha, and Mikee

Team Vhong claimed the crown last year with their moving mirror dance act. We can’t wait to see what creative ideas they have in store this year.



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