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10 Reasons Why You’ll Love “Sakaling Maging Tayo”

  • “Sakaling Maging Tayo” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Black Sheep.
  • We will give you 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love “Sakaling Maging Tayo”!

McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson are reunited once again for this teen romantic film from Black Sheep, “Sakaling Maging Tayo” under the helm of director JP Habac. And I’m sure, everyone who have watched the film can’t help but fall in love with this movie.

So if you still haven’t decided on watching this one, don’t worry because we will give you 10 reasons why you’ll love “Sakaling Maging Tayo”!

10. Black Sheep’s first movie offering this 2019

Black Sheep is home to fresh and fearless films meant to be seen and heard. No boundaries, just vision. That is their motto as the newest brand of ABS-CBN Films.

And they’ve proven that they are committed to this after bringing us two of the best romance flicks last year, “Exes Baggage” and “To Love Some Buddy.” And “Sakaling Maging Tayo” is their first movie offering this 2019.

9. A road movie, coming-of-age, and romance all in one

Yes, “Sakaling Maging Tayo” is a romantic film. But it is also a road movie as it follows the characters of Pol (McCoy De Leon) and Laya (Elisse Joson) drive around Baguio, as they play different dares from eating fried day-old chicks to getting a tattoo, and even going for a ghost hunting adventure at the supposedly haunted Teacher’s Camp. It’s also a coming-of-age tale for the two main characters as they learn the realities of life, and the responsibilities that they have to face as young adults.

8. We love the eye-popping visuals

One of the things we love are those gorgeous visuals. The whole film was packed with eye-popping colors at every frame. From the lively nightlife of Baguio to the stunning locations that the pair stumbled upon, all of it contributed to the lovely visuals of the film- a trademark of a JP Habac masterpiece.

7. The film’s soundtrack is stuck in our ears

Another trademark of JP Habac movies is his use of music. The film incorporates music into a story to add up to the movie’s ‘feels.’ The soundtrack of “Sakaling Maging Tayo” includes “Tagu-taguan” by Moira, “Di Mo Na Kailangan Pang Malaman” by Davey Langit, “Siberia” by Ang Bandang Shirley, “Pagkagising Ko” by QUASID, and yes, that amazing rendition of “Suntok sa Buwan” by Johnoy Danao.

6. It’s from the director of 2017’s “I’m Drunk, I Love You”

By now, you should have heard the name JP Habac. One of the rising directors from the indie scene, director JP rose to fame with his romantic movie that starred Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino back in February 2017 entitled “I’m Drunk, I Love You”. The film was a hit among fans back then, and I’m sure “Sakali” will win fans once they’ve seen the movie in cinemas.

5. The Feels of your First Love

Two college freshmen, Pol (McCoy de Leon) and Laya (Elisse Joson), accidentally meet during their last day of school in Baguio City. Laya is about to move back to Manila to escape from her failed romance, while Pol is about to spend a care-free night in a music festival. After witnessing Laya’s breakdown because of her recent heartbreak, Pol gets an idea to make her last night in Baguio fun and memorable. Pol also takes this chance to spend an entire night with the girl he has always admired from afar.

4. The supporting cast

The film also features a supporting cast led by Paulo Angeles, Chai Fonacier, and Milo Elmido, Jr  together with Bembol Roco and Markus Paterson.

Paulo is a member of It’s Showtime’s Kilig Ambassadors: Hashtags while Chai previously starred in the indie films “Respeto,” “Patay Na Si Hesus,” and is currently starring in the hit ABS-CBN teleserye, “Halik”.

3. Elisse Joson

Elisse plays Malaya “Laya” Ocampo, a BS Psychology freshman.  In the film, she is faced with the dilemma of bearing a child alone after she and her boyfriend (played by Markus Paterson) broke up. Her life will come to another turning point after meeting Pol in an encounter that will change their lives forever.

Everyone will surely agree that Elisse did a great job in portraying the character. Her acting has vastly improved and it is very evident in the film as she breathes life into the character of Laya.

2. Mccoy De Leon

McCoy plays Apollo “Pol” Patnubay Agbuya, a BS Geography freshman. He meets Laya on the night that she planned to leave the town to escape from her failed romance. With his help, Laya manages to overcome her fears of the unknown future. Together, they prepare for a new chapter of their lives as they spend a night they will never forget- one last time.

McCoy was brilliant as he played the character Pol. He was so charming and funny, and manages to fill the screen with his joyful energy; perfectly complementing his onscreen partner Elisse.

1. The McLisse Magic

Although they’re not together anymore,  you will still feel the kilig of the love team of  Mccoy De Leon and Elisse Joson, aka McLisse. The pair is oozing with chemistry, and we cant deny that the spark is still there. Aside from the fact that their acting has both improved, the camera also loved the pair as they really look good together onscreen. We just wish that this wont be their last project together.

“Sakaling Maging Tayo” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Black Sheep.

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