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AlDub fans to boycott Alden Richards’ endorsements, film project with Kathryn Bernardo?

  • Twitter world is in chaos due to the clash among AlDub Nations.
  • The clash rooted from the new product endorsement of Alden Richards with Kathryn Bernardo; the said product was once endorsed by AlDub loveteam, Maine Mendoza and Richards.
  • Some fans threatened to boycott the product and the upcoming movie of Richards and Bernardo.

Fandom of the AlDub loveteam (Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza) figured in a clash when some decided and even persuaded Netizens to boycott Richards’ new product endorsement with the Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo.

According to them, the product used to be endorsed by Richards and Mendoza. Today, it’s with Bernardo and Richards, which infuriated the AlDub supporters.

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It even led to some fans threatening to boycott the upcoming movie of the actor with the Kapamilya Star.

One netizen wrote, “For the remaining solid supporter of Alden & Maine let us be firm to boycott “ALL SOLO PROJECTS” para maramdaman ng GMA, ABS-CBN, at APT ang effect on their revenues, viewership etc. # ALDUBLavishLove”

Another Netizen also wrote, “Ako ay isang ALDUB/MAICHARD DEFENDER. IBIG SABIHIN BOYCOTT AKO. Alam nyo na kung anong movie, TS, at mga products na I BOYCOTT ko. Di ko na sa-isahin pa. May mga tamang pag-iisip naman tayo.”

A fan also posted, “Also I will boycott all their endorsements if ever this will happen. I know Direk Mike you are aware of the remaining Aldubnation that we only support if Maine and Alden are paired together.”

However, some solid fans of AlDub did not like what others are posting because this is unfair to Alden who is the ‘Al’ in AlDub loveteam.

They clarified that they will still support Richards with his upcoming shows and endorsements with or without Yaya Dub not just because he is part of the AlDub loveteam, but because he has his own fans to support him.

Despite the split up, the AlDub fandom assures that they will support Richards’ movie and his career as an actor; along with the support of KathNiel and Bernardo’s fans. The support also include the  movie and the upcoming endorsements or projects of the newly formed tandem.

It’s an observation that many of the AlDub Nations are still in denial and are still hopeful that Alden and Maine will be back together even though the latter is obviously in love with the Kapamilya actor Arjo Atayde. The Phenomenal star is happy with the Bagman star, and Alden is happy with his career and other opportunities.


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