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Claudine Barretto sends flowers to Bea Alonzo, throws shade on sister Marjorie Barretto

  • Bea Alonzo has been receiving lots of support from her fans and celebrity friends after being ghosted by Gerald Anderson who supposedly cheated on her with Julia Barretto
  • Julia’s aunt, Claudine Barretto, joins sister Gretchen Barretto in showing support for Bea
  • Claudine and Gretchen’s niece Julia is allegedly the reason behind the split of celebrity couple Bea and Gerald
  • Claudine posts a quote on Instagram which people suspect is for sister Marjorie Barretto, Julia’s mom

Bea Alonzo is getting tons of support from her fans and celebrity friends after being ghosted by Gerald Anderson.

After Gretchen Barretto sent her flowers with a note of support, another Barretto showed her support for Bea. Claudine Barretto sent flowers and words of motivation to “Movie Queen” Bea.

She commented on Bea’s cryptic post with “You are loved.”

“Sending you my luv and Hugs,” the Milan star added.

Through Instagram, Bea thanked Claudine for the support.

Meanwhile, another post of the Barretto sisters caught the attention of the netizens.

On her Instagram account, Claudine posted a meaningful quote saying, “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot. I only exist when you need something.”

What made it more intriguing is when Gretchen replied with each word written in all caps, “CORRECT. DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO ABUSE YOUR KINDNESS.”

The elder Barretto then asked if her sister’s post pertained to most likely their sister Marjorie and her daughter Julia Barretto by saying, “Is it the mother daughter team?” to which Claudine replied with “I thank God I have u.”

The Barretto sisters have been in a feud for years. However, Gretchen and Claudine renewed their friendship and their closeness is evident in the way they exchange affections on their respective social media accounts.

Marjorie’s relationship with her siblings is still non-existent at the moment. Gretchen even described her sister as “toxic” which she doesn’t need in her life.

The fact that Gretchen and Claudine would support Bea rather their own niece speaks volumes about their troubled relationship.


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