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Julia Barretto lambasts netizens who blame for Joshua Garcia being alone at ‘ASAP’ after-party

  • Julia Barretto was bashed by netizens who believed she left Joshua Garcia alone during the ASAP after-party in San Francisco last Sunday,  August 4
  • Pictures of Garcia sitting alone at his table and another where he was accompanied by real-life partners Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are circulating online
  • Netizens praised and admired the KathNiel couple for joining Garcia at his table
  • Barretto clarified that it was the actor who chose to be alone

A picture of Joshua Garcia sitting alone at his table during the after-party of ASAP in San Francisco last Sunday, August 4, is making the rounds online. But the promising actor didn’t end his stay alone for he was accompanied later on by the two sweet couple, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo.

Many netizens admired how KathNiel kept Garcia company. However, many netizens got mad at Julia Barretto, Garcia’s former love team partner and ex-girlfriend and blamed her for Joshua being alone.

Despite keeping her silence regarding the controversial break-up of Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo where she has been named as the third party, Barretto spoke up amid the Twitter rumors accusing her of leaving Garcia alone after their ASAP performance.

In response to a tweet from a Twitter user, the actress clarified that it was the actor’s choice to be alone.

“I did not leave Joshua alone. He opted and requested to be left alone. He asked to eat and mingle alone,” she wrote.

“Why are all these fingers being pointed at me yet again? Bakit na naman siya kawawa sa naging choice and decision niya, and bakit kasalanan ko pa ‘to? Walang kumakawawa sa kanya,” she added.

She also assured the public that Garcia was fine and enjoyed the night in contrast to what netizens claim.

In another tweet, she went on: “Masyado nageenjoy tao gawin kawawa si Joshua sa lahat ng bagay, kahit wala na connection sa kahit na ano. May magawa lang na story. Trust me, the guy is ok. He enjoyed himself last night. Wala sila lahat alam. Wait lang kayo.”


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